Next Generation Customer Engagement Technology

Next Generation Customer Engagement Technology

Deliver an exceptional omni-channel customer experience real-time

Drive incremental revenue using the most progressive technology in the market 

Converse with customers real time across multiple channels. Deliver relevance through a deeper understanding of customer preferences. Use behavioural data to provide a more personal and improved experience. Reduce customer effort, convey sincerity, and you'll be rewarded with more decisive, driven, loyal customers.

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Customer Engagement explained

By using the Intilery platform to power your engagement strategy, you’ll be able to positively affect all of your key metrics - reduce your acquisition costs, increase average customer value, up your retention rates and improve NPS.

Effective customer engagement increases marketing ROI – it’s that simple. Read case studies

Guide your customers on their journey

Customer engagement isn’t the same as conversion rate optimisation (CRO), although CRO is a part of the picture. A true customer engagement solution enables you to communicate with customers on any channel about the things that are important and of interest to them, whilst they are browsing, buying and for the lifetime of your relationship.  With Intilery, you can join all of your channels together off and on-line to provide an omni-channel view in real-time and act on insight in real-time.


Collect, analyse and act on insight all from within a single platform

We provide agile, powerful technology and expert advice, so you can deliver award worthy customer experiences.

Intilery is unique, adaptive technology platform accessible from your desktop. It's simple to install, easy to integrate, and only runs in real-time. Delivered and supported with unlimited usage and uncomplicated pricing. Read more about platform functionality here.

Manage customer relationships seamlessly, omni-channel 

mobile marketing


app marketing, push-notifications


High Volume email design, and dispatch


On-site personalisation


in-store omni-channel integration using ibeacons and WIFI


Enterprise solutions for B2C

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