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Increase Your Conversion Rate

By engaging with the right customers at the right time, you will increase your site's conversion rate.

Nudge your customers to conversion

By prompting your customers to convert with subtle messages automatically sent to them, your customers are much more likely to convert from browsing to purchasing. Use the Intilery platform to create customer engagement programmes that will prompt the right users at the right time to convert.

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What our customers say about us

“By choosing Intilery we were able to implement a full customer communication strategy with absolute ease. We reviewed a number of other systems and found that they required complex setup, difficult integration and the prices were beyond our budget”

“With Intilery's pay as you use Software as a Service model and very simple integration we've found exactly the right package that suits us now and will support our continued growth."

David George, CEO at

“ offered us all the functionality of tier 1 email service providers at a radically different price level”

“The ability to combine previously anonymous product analytics data with our internal customer database is starting to give us some astonishing business insights."

Alex Kershaw, Head of Product

Much Higher Email Open and Click Rates

Engaging content delivered at the right time will increase your open and click-through rates.

Easily create beautiful emails

With the world's first true in-line email designer, you can create beautiful targeted emails, even if you have no HTML knowledge. Send your emails based on user behaviour and when the user most expects them.

Know more about your customers

By seeing everything that they do

Intilery intelligently collects your customer behaviour

The Intilery platform automatically collects all of your on-site user behaviour and email activity, along with transaction details and all analytics parameters. This data is combined in real-time and can be used to target your customers

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Personalised Content

Set content at an individual level.

Deliver personalised content for every customer

Using the Intilery segment engine, it is now possible to deliver tailored content to different customer segments.

If a customer has recently browsed a certain site category, then set a rule to deliver content relevant to them.

Customer Touch-point Management

Automate triggered customer engagement

Automate your customer lifecycle

With the Intilery platform intelligent programme designer, you can design your entire customer communications.

Use intelligent behaviours and segments to prompt users to complete goals on your site after exhibiting certain behaviour

See a list of example automated engagement programmes that are easy to setup in Intilery Examples

One line of code!

Simply add the Intilery javascript tag to your site template.

2 minute integration

Add the Intilery javascript tag to your site's template. No further integration is required.

Once added all data is collected in real-time, you can see your customers interacting with your website as it happens.

Unlimited Possibilities

With practically unlimited possibilities for designing your customer engagements. Create a Free Account


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Intilery works on any website, simply add the Intilery tag to access all features

Customer Programme Examples

The following examples can be setup and activated in minutes using the Intilery platform.

Send an email to your customers when:

(Emails sent by triggered programmes have 100% higher open and click rates)

They have not visited in x weeks

Abandoned their basket

After purchasing (ask to review)

Purchase anniversary emails

Birthday email

On the anniversary of registration

Browsed but not purchased

Special offer to new customers who have not purchased

Service satisfaction email

The Register (a series of email)

Visited after a period of inactivity

Re-order on certain products after x weeks

Notify when back in stock