Obsessed with customer experience, fueled by innovation, inspired by our clients that's Intilery

About Us

Intilery enables our clients to drive profitable relationships with their customers. We've built a powerful single customer view that enables real-time decisions and multi-channel campaign execution.

We believe that customer engagement results in an uplift in revenue, greater loyalty and a better overall customer experience

Intilery’s original technology is the most powerful, flexible technology solution in the market. Designed to track, understand and action customer behavior in milliseconds, all within the same platform. Imagine if you could improve omni-channel conversion, increase the frequency of purchase, reduce churn and encourage brand loyalty

Intilery is ideally suited to forward thinking marketers looking for a game changer. It's fast to install, reliable and robust, with state of the art analytics and reporting , so you can prove your strategies work - this year.

We're all about measurables

We’re so confident in our technology that we offer flexible contract arrangements giving you the opportunity to implement an omni-channel strategy from the outset. 

If after completion of the trial stage you want to cancel, you walk away with any developed campaigns and learnings. Limited risk with lots to gain.

            Customer centricity is an approach, a cultural state of mind. Customer engagement technology helps bring to life the vision of marketers with ambition, who understand that the customer should be at the core of every strategy.

Gareth James

CEO - Intilery

Your strategy partner

Our team of marketers and developers understand the importance of delivering tangible commercial results. We'll keep you on track ensuring you continually challenge your data, helping you find the insights that drive change through every function available.

We only provide supported technology, so don’t sign you up and then leave you to it, (unless you want us to!), we're with you every step of the way.

            The guys at Intilery know our business, data and processes well, resulting in them being able to work with us as a natural extension of our team.

Grant Baillie

Head of CRM - Travelsupermarket



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