4 tips from Intilery for picking the right customer engagement technology for your business
4 tips for choosing Customer Engagement Technology

4 tips for choosing Customer Engagement Technology

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At Intilery we know that customer engagement is high on this year’s priorities when it comes to monetising the customer experience. Customers have increasingly high expectations, convenience is king and a personalised experience is essential.

To ensure you have the right tech to help you extract and action all that your data has to offer, here are some top-line operational tips for selecting the right customer engagement technology platform.

1. Time waits for no-one - how soon can you get up and running?

In todays digital age, decisions are made fast, and customers won’t wait while you endeavour to choose, plan, launch and utilse a technology project that becomes a life-long ambition! While your competitors are executing targeted, behaviourally led campaigns, you cannot afford to wait for months before you can action insights that will increase customer value, you need to consider an agile and flexible solution – and be able to utilise your data fast.

2. Integrity

Customer engagement is completely data-driven so you need to be certain that the data collected is  accessible, actionable and protected. It’s vitally important that you choose a robust platform with adequate support designed to prioritise business continuity. In 2016 Intilery provided 100% uptime which means absolutely no outages. Our clients had access to their customer data in real time whenever they needed it. – critical for maintaining business performance.

3. Resource - do you have confidence in the team that will support you?

Many brands are starting to find that different team dynamics and skill sets are required to manage effective engagement strategies. A strong analytical and testing environment along with additional content management, and teams that have the ability to see a customer holistically are the best performers.  But if you don’t have the necessary resource it doesn’t rule you out of supporting an engagement strategy, suppliers like Intilery can provide the necessary skill set to bridge the gap until your teams are in place.

4. Can you Integrate?

A truly holistic view of a customer relies on also being able to access data from outside of your immediate channels. The ability to combine and pull in data from review centre software, phone systems, legacy systems for handling orders, transactions etc is important to gain a true Single Customer View.  Advanced software like Intilery can also integrate data from i-beacons and EPOS systems as well as wifi data to produce rich data for each individual customer.

If you think Intilery ticks the boxes for your customer engagement needs, get in touch for a free engagement review.

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