Common oversights when choosing the right technology
5 elements to consider when choosing technology

5 elements to consider when choosing technology

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Follow these tips when deciding which Customer Engagement Technology is the best for your business objectives and KPIs. 

1. Get a clear brief – understand exactly what you need the software to do!

This seems obvious, but ensure that your decision is commercially focused and the software meets the needs of your organisations strategy and direction. Many marketers know what they need in terms of marketing deliverables but don’t know what or how the technology solution translates this need. Find a supplier willing to explain, and help develop ROI calculations.

2. Watch out for hidden costs!

This is a common issue in terms of feedback from those seeking technology. Often the sales team provide a contract that stipulates a set fee monthly, then the marketers discover that this doesn’t cover off the functionality required and they need to continually find budget to progress plans. This means diverting budget from other activities to make best use of a platform that you thought you’d paid for. Not only does this leave many brands disgruntled but also fails to deliver on corporate objectives.

3. Is it reliable?

Some technology providers spend disproportionate amounts on sales and marketing and not enough supporting or developing their solution. Don’t be fooled into buying a solution that simply doesn’t work, make sure the software is robust, secure and reliable. We recommend obtaining referrals from other customers, asking how many people are employed on development and gaining an understanding of the company’s culture and commitment to roadmap improvements.

4.  Is it supported?

Technology can be confusing, ensure your solution provider offers on-going advice, support and training. You won’t win any points in the boardroom if you are paying for a platform that none of your team can use.

5. Can it scale?

Does the platform provide all the functionality required - not only for your requirements today but also in the future?  Changing or adding to your tech stack can be costly and time consuming. Can the software solution you choose help simplify your processes, incorporate all the functionality required across all of the channels you need it to? Bear in mind channel usage and utilisation today as well as tomorrow. 

Intilery is a fully comprehensive, all singing all dancing marketing technology platform incorporating a full suite of marketing channels. No need to worry about integrating lots of separate software solutions, Intilery provides all the functionality you need within a single solution. The software is supported by epic account teams and endless amounts of grit and determination to ensure the solution remains phenomenal and market leading.


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