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5 ways onsite overlays can improve customer engagement

5 ways onsite overlays can improve customer engagement

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The experience you create onsite for your customer can be significantly enhanced if you use the data you’ve gathered about them.

Well, if it’s not – it should be.

You are the experts on your customer base because you have an enormous amount of 1st party data at your disposal. A good segmentation strategy, helps you make sense of this data, and therefore helps understand the journey they’ve taken and therefore the journey they’re about to take. Using overlays at different points in your site can help you shape the journeys, without being too intrusive or interfering with the site navigation.

Different to pop-ups, marketing overlays open within the same window, and don’t prevent users from navigating away, meaning they don’t affect your SEO like a true pop-up does.

There is a plethora of ways to use overlays in your website, we’ve selected some of the strategies we’ve found to enhance customer experience and increase conversions.

1.Build up an email list

Use an email sign-up overlay to target hesitant customers that you think may be valuable to you based on specific criteria – how long they’ve spent on site, what channel they’ve come from, what pages they’ve visited etc. This gives you a captive email list, rather than a catch-all. You can then be more confident in the resource used to send these customers along your sales funnel.  

An email sign-up overlay can be used to convey the benefits for customers to part with their personal details. This could be in the form of access to sales, free shipping, or an incentive around discounting. Use a split testing method to see what works best with different segments and customer groups.

2.Offer support

A lack of activity on your support page may suggest that visitors are simply not finding the information they’re looking for. This is where a support based overlay will give the visitor another opportunity to find the information they need. It may take the form of contact details for your support team or a link to user-generated support forms. Delivering this useful information to your site visitor presents useful information to them before they leave and go elsewhere.

3.Reduce abandoned baskets

If a customer leaves your site with items left unpurchased in their basket, you can try and convince them to stay, or give them a positive experience when they’re leaving in order to persuade them to come back.

Using exit-intent technology you can choose to display an overlay that will communicate this message as they are exiting the site. Quite often this message may be accompanied by free delivery, or a basket discount or other offer to help nudge them along in the buying process. Alternatively, you could use the information captured in the overlay to tailor your communication post-site visit to motivate them to return to their abandoned basket. With the rate of basket abandonment across industries averaging out at around 68.8%, doing nothing is no longer an option.

4.Increase average order values

You can cleverly use overlays to cross-sell and up-sell to customers by drawing from the behavioural data from other customers in a specific segment or items purchased in the past. In this instance, the recommendations could be trending items, sale items, or popular products amongst others in a particular customer segment.

The advantage of using an overlay in this customer journey is that you avoid adding an extra stage to the checkout process, or risk the recommendation being ignored by replacing transactional-critical information. In this vein, it is also imperative for the recommendation overlay to have a clear option to close and continue as normal, so the customer can finish their original transaction without any barriers.

5.Increase PPC conversions

Your website should offer something that converts customers coming from your PPC campaign. Yet, no matter how well-targeted your PPC ads are, some visitors will inevitably arrive on your site and still not find exactly what they’re looking for or be unprepared to commit. This doesn't mean you want to throw the opportunity away – especially if you've already paid to get them onsite. Analysis of your PPC campaigns will help you identify the keywords being searched for that are leading users to click your ad but not respond to your landing pages. If the landing page isn’t relevant for these additional keywords, but the traffic could be valuable, use exit intent technology with a related message when they gesture to leave the page to draw them back in.

Overlays are a great tool to segment and target your site visitors, using all of that valuable data that you already capture in your Single Customer View. Check out the Intilery blog next week on some top tips for introducing great overlays.

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