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App push notifications can drive customer engagement

App push notifications can drive customer engagement

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App push notifications

App marketing is fast becoming an essential component of every marketer’s armoury; a well-designed, customer-friendly app can boost profits and keep customers coming back for more.

To maximise impact, your app should bring something original and exciting to the table to enhance the customer experience, driving loyalty and brand affinity. Ensure your app is ‘sticky’, focus on the right content to ensure that users go beyond downloading, opening and signing up, to becoming regular users.

One way to increase app engagement is to use push notifications.  Push are targeted notifications sent from apps that alert the user and prompt action, they can take the form (or often a combination of) sounds, badges, and pop-up messages on a user’s mobile home screen or lock screen. 

According to app builder Buildfire app push notifications can:

  • Increase app open rates by 26%
  • Drive 92% higher mobile app retention rates
  • Drive a marked increase in active, engaged users

We’ve pulled together some ideas below on how you can use app notifications to increase customer engagement

Alerts and reminders

  • Notify customers of their impending attendance at ticketed events, such as the cinema, theatre or seminars.
  • Reminders about impending appointments booked e.g. hairdressers, doctors
  • Remind customers when an event is about to end or start so that customers can time their engagement, for example sports/entertainment apps
  • Retailers can notify customers when their orders are ready for collection
  • Restaurants can notify customers when their table is ready
  • Travel providers can notify customers when car-hire is ready for collection or flights, trains are delayed.

Urgent Attention Notifications

  • Suspicious activity – alert users when suspicious activity has occurred on bank accounts, or when your vehicle has been moved without authority.
  • Alert users if they have forgotten to take medication.
  • Impending tax submission deadlines before fines occur

Driving Traffic

  • Notify customers when the price of products they are interested in drops, or when there is late availability or a flash sale.
  • Promote events they have been interested in – ticket purchasing deadlines - whilst informing of other complimentary products.
  • Use push to inform customers of product lines newly launched.
  • Proximity – using real-time geo-data, locate your customers and direct them either in-store or to a specific department.   In-store ibeacons or other proximity hardware can also be used to present customers with useful information about products they are viewing real-time, for example recommendations or reviews from other customers, product specs, which can all increase likelihood to convert.

Here are some considerations to send you on your way

  • Monitor usage - app notifications should add value not be intrusive, be careful not to over-contact otherwise recipients will switch off.
  • Allow customers to easily manage push notification preferences – give customers choice over the types of messages they receive, and when they receive them; improving retention rates, and preventing potential uninstallation.
  • To avoid messages being seen as spam make sure that each notification is personally relevant by utilising a customer's whole dataset, perhaps from a Single Customer View (SCV), to deliver targeted, meaningful customer engagement.
  • App notifications need to be presented as part of your overall customer experience, create the same tone of voice across multiple channels, unifying the brand experience.
  • Integrate app marketing and push notifications into your channel strategy with the help of Intilery.   

Make it Personal

The key to driving business through app push notifications is to remember the importance of relevant, personalised targeted messages, both in terms of content and timing, which will improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

This is the art of engagement and is best achieved by integrating app notifications with wider channel analytics using customer engagement technology. More tips here.

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