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Are you onboard?

Are you onboard?

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Onboarding sounds like new-fangled marketing jargon; it may be a newish term but it’s not a new concept. 

In fact to old hands like me, it’s business as usual, old school common sense marketing - the process of building trust and customer loyalty early on during the ‘inception’ process, from a customers’ first interaction with you.  Attract customers, create a good impression, deliver the expected experience first time, every time and customers are more likely to stay with you. So what’s changed?

The difference now, is the mind-boggling speed and ever increasing variety of channels available that has made the whole process more complex in one way but hugely liberating in others. In the ‘old days’ we were frustrated and constrained by expensive channels, lack of data and long lead times designed to shackle the ‘creative’ process. Now the plethora of digital channels and platforms available to all, means that we have the ability to deliver a step change in customer experience from the moment customers climb aboard.

If you don’t have an onboarding model – you will very quickly begin to lose the customers you have tried so hard to attract and engage. Effective onboarding is your opportunity to create strong user ‘habits’ from the outset, define the right customer journey and reward customers for action.    

Writer and speaker Nir Eyal in his book ‘Hooked’, writes about the need for companies to understand the mechanics of habit-formation to increase engagement. He looks at techniques to psychologically tap into the ways customers browse and shop using digital platforms, to leave the crumbs that entice us to keep coming back for more. 

You too have the motive and the means to ensure your onboarding process attracts customers and keeps them. Beware though, customers are clever! Genuine, sincere engagement that puts the customer first will win every time.

If you have the motive we have the means. The Intilery platform can help you deliver an exceptional, sticky onboarding process for each and every customer.

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