Reduce your reliance on paid advertising - with help from Intilery!
Do you want to reduce your reliance on paid advertising?

Do you want to reduce your reliance on paid advertising?

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Consider this scenario – you’re finding your marketing budget increasingly being eaten up by paid advertising. You’re having some success but spending more on paid isn’t giving you the return on investment you need.

You have a two-fold objective – reduce spend on paid and increase conversion to make the most of the investment spent on paid.   How do you nurture the customer conversion journey to avoid the trap of paying over and over again to attract them?

In this post we’ll discuss some of the ways we help our clients achieve a reduction on their PPC budget.

Many organisations find themselves paying over and over gain for the same customers who repeatedly re-visit site via paid channels to evaluate options. There are two primary ways to improve your strategy –

  • Improve relationships with customers so they return to your site via other ‘cheaper’ channels and think of you first.
  • Improve site conversion so they don’t need to look elsewhere – achieved through delivering relevance, taking the effort out of shopping by accepting that customers might not make the decision to buy in the moment or via that medium and tactically presenting auto-responsive strategies.

In embedding these into your marketing strategy you can reduce the cost of your traffic, and increase your return on investment not only at a transactional level but over the lifetime of a customer.


Improve relationships through omni-channel engagement

If a customer has searched for content on your site ensure you utilise all of your channels, email, app, store and SMS for example to communicate. Utilisation of all of your channels will help cement and build on the relationship cost effectively, using a combination with a consistent voice to reach out to clients in a timely relevant way will ensure your brand is front of mind.


Deliver Relevance

Relevance is the foundation of effective personalisation and is a hot topic right now and it’s easy to understand why. Customers have higher expectations than ever before from brands, and 86% of shoppers say that a personalised experience will influence their purchasing decision.

An effective personalisation strategy means you give customers exactly what they came looking for by delivering relevant and timely content.



Personalisation is much more than sending an email with your customers name in it, or remembering their sign-in preferences. It’s about understanding and processing the on-going behaviour of each and every customer at a granular level. In doing this you can deliver an experience based on their needs and wants. For example, if you are a travel company and your site gives your customer 100’s of holiday options, this leaves them overwhelmed and may take a long time to make a decision. You risk watching them leave your site and going to competitors or finding you again through paid channels. Help narrow down the choices based upon noted markers relevant to their previous or in session behaviour and chances of conversion are much higher. Such engaging content encourages loyalty and brand advocacy.

Learn more by downloading our Perfect Personalisation guide here.

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