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Get the best results from engagement data

Get the best results from engagement data

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According to recent research, marketers want more reassurance that the data they’re using is impactful and useful for their personalisation and engagement efforts. Organisation’s put huge efforts into building their databases and are often tempted to bulk send newsletters and other engagement campaigns to their entire audience not wanting to miss an opportunity to communicate. Yet, if the customers you’re targeting are not engaging with your content, it’s important to take a look at some of the reasons why before it begins to affect your deliverability and brand credibility.

As experts in data aggregation and insights our tech team at Intilery advise implementing a ‘Sunset Policy’ as part of your contact strategy, to ensure all conversations you have with your customers are relevant, timely and profitable.

What is a Sunset Policy?

A Sunset Policy is preventative maintenance of your customer list. If you find customers are no longer engaging with your content, specifically email content, including them in future email sends may impair deliverability and the general health of your database. A sunset policy can be executed through a data planning tool, using customer event actions to assess in real-time how engaged your users are.

Inspire – don’t annoy

When you fail to connect with your customers at a time that’s convenient with content that’s simply not useful – you’ll find that customer may mark your email as spam. It’s an ineffective strategy that will result in your customers feeling unappreciated and disengaged with your brand. Furthermore, if too many recipients mark your email as spam, inbox providers will start to deliver all your promotional emails to the spam folder, affecting the overall profitability of your campaign and reputation as a sender.

Targeting the wrong people is a waste of time, budget, and content. Implementing a sunset policy ensures your engagement efforts yield a better ROI.

Not all communication channels are created equal

If a large percentage of your database aren’t opening emails, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not engaged or caught in a spam trap. A comprehensive 360 customer view enables you to converse with customers omni-channel – you can deliver content through other channels, other methods and other strategies to increase engagement and reduce the risk on your deliverability.

Don’t let your campaigns fail due to outdated data. Intilerys Data Planning system allows you to automate rules to trigger your sunset policy and communicate with every customer in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to them at the right time, positively effecting results. If you want to create engageing campaigns cross-channel contact us now.

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