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Marketing Overlays Checklist

Marketing Overlays Checklist

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In last week’s blog post, we talked about different applications of overlays for influencing the user journey. We highlighted how overlays are a stellar tool for nudging your segments through a particular point in a customer journey and can help you achieve a range of different objectives and improve customer engagement. Below are the key aspects to consider before you execute your overlay strategy:

Clarify your segments

With overlays, it’s beneficial to segment your target audience based on their behaviour within the user journey. Naturally, the customers new to your brand will respond differently to than those who are already brand champions. Even better if you can create a Single Customer View, integrating your personalisation strategy with your overlay strategy to increase customer loyalty through engagement. The great thing about overlays is that you can choose who you display them to in real-time. This means presenting relevant and timely content to each and every single customer throughout the whole journey.

Timing is crucial

Next step is to decide what is the best time to trigger a marketing overlay on your site. Overlays are often used in the following ways but can be useful throughout the journey as long as they don’t become irritating to the user.

  1. On page entry
  2. When gesturing to exit the page
  3. After a given number of page views
  4. After scrolling to a certain point on the page
  5. After spending a certain amount of time on page

Some of these triggers will be more or less impactful, depending on the type of campaign. They should also be tested against a control group and tweaked to find the optimum time to display the overlay in order to maximise effectiveness.

Easy to close

Marketing overlays should be an addition to the user journey – not a barrier. By their definition, they are an interruption to the visitor’s browsing journey so it’s essential to ensure that they’re easy to navigate away from. A clear and noticeable ‘X’ or ‘no thanks" or "continue browsing" link are easy to recognise and will ensure the customer's experience remains positive.


Once you've started to see some positive results from using overlays, it's important to capitalise on usage data. Using overlays too frequently can cause serious disruptions to the browsing experience, damaging your credibility. Prioritise the pages that are crucial to your customer experience or conversions, and use overlays on those few. If in doubt, test different combinations or journeys until you find the most effective method.


For every variable that determines the success of your website, it will always be a priority to test the ability of each variable element to grab the customers constantly sought-after attention. It goes without saying that any new onsite overlay campaigns should be rigorously tested when integrating them with your customer engagement management strategy. As there are an infinite number of variables that can affect the success of your overlay, split or multivariate testing is really the only way to successfully leverage this tool to achieve your site objectives.

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