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Fruugo shops smart

Fruugo shops smart

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Global marketplace Fruugo is investing in their progressive on-line customer engagement strategy by partnering with Intilery.

The partnership will enable Fruugo to develop advanced levels of customer engagement through considered contact and digital personalisation.

With headquarters in the UK, Fruugo provides an online marketplace for retailers and shoppers operating out of 23 countries across the globe. Their objective of facilitating the need for retailers to find consumers, and consumers to find retailers, without the constraints of geography, language or currency, have been supported by the unprecedented increase in on-line shopping cross-borders.

According to a recent Nielsen Survey, “30% of all shoppers are now looking overseas to find new retailers and products, which are difficult to source locally”. Cross-border sales in Europe alone are set to double in value by 2018, according to EMOTA, and account for 20% of all e-commerce sales.  Fruugo will continue to ensure it is well placed to take advantage of this trend, by improving the customers’ online experience, and by utilising sophisticated targeting.

Glen Richardson Fruugo’s CMO said, “The complexities of targeting, understanding and servicing huge volumes of consumers across varying time zones, languages and preferences requires a powerful, versatile engine - I am confident that the Intilery platform can help us do this.”

The Intilery affiliation will be used to provide a step-change in Fruugo’s ability to further understand on-line browser/ buyer behaviour.  Gaining in-depth knowledge about an individual customers’ journey will enable the company to deliver a more personalised, relevant service, supporting their customer retention and acquisition strategies. 

Gareth James, Intilery’s CEO adds “We’re really pleased to be able to work with Fruugo, their ambition and drive matches our own. Our platform has provided considerable revenue uplift for clients to date and I am confident that Fruugo will also see a marked increase in customer engagement and importantly profit as a result”.

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