Engagement experts Intilery deliver 7 major initiatives for Fruugo.com in just 48 hours
Intilery deliver 7 major initiatives for Fruugo in just 48 hrs

Intilery deliver 7 major initiatives for Fruugo in just 48 hrs

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Intilery with Fruugo on-site personalisation development

Intilery spent 48 hours locked away in its Customer Engagement Lab with 11 developers, 4 marketers and 1 designer which resulted in 7 major engagement initiatives for their client Fruugo; an international online marketplace.

The intense session brought together specialists  from both organisations to identify ways to increase customer engagement. The teams worked together to create a suite of original strategies and campaigns designed to improve personalisation and build stronger, longer lasting customer relationships.

Glen Richardson and Gareth JamesIntilery’s CEO Gareth James said “Fruugo have a vision of how they want to connect with their customers in order to develop brand loyalty and build those relationships. We provide the technology and know-how to interpret those ideas, bringing to life customer insight, and enabling Fruugo to implement their engagement plans.

“Running an event like this keeps our clients at the heart of what we do, by working together in an intense, short period of time we are able to not only come up with ideas, but build, test and launch those ideas straight away, as well as learn more about Fruugo’s day-to-day challenges.”

Glen Richardson, CMO at Fruugo, believes that the Customer Engagement Lab was a great success.  It was a fantastic opportunity to help develop market leading campaigns and an engagement infrastructure from scratch,” he said, “The project involved the introduction of a number of retail specific behaviour-based engagement campaigns, addressing product replenishment, abandoned basket and re-activation.Fruugo and Intilery CELab

“Tools and techniques such as on-site personalisation and social proofing as well as dynamic email content allow us to personalise across all channels. During the session, we observed a 25% increase in conversion of our abandoned basket and trigger campaigns - it was a surprise to see an immediate and significant material impact in such a short period of time.

“Most companies who offer customer engagement systems are selling off-the-shelf products which are inflexible and costly. With Intilery we’ve found an incredibly responsive system. To have this level of account focus and technical agility at our fingertips is fantastic, and underlines exactly what sets Intilery apart from other providers.”

Gareth believes collaboration is critical to the success of Intilery. “Collaborative working is key for us,” he said. “We don’t just provide a technology platform, we have a powerful, flexible system on which we can build the functions that are required as retailing evolves. By working in partnership with our clients, we have not only created the best customer experience possible but we are constantly seeking to improve it.”

If you would like to speak to us about taking part in one of our CELab's please email us at marketing@intilery.com

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