Kabbee drives the customer journey with Intilery
Kabbee drives the customer journey with Intilery

Kabbee drives the customer journey with Intilery

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Kabbee, the multi-award-winning minicab price comparison and booking app, (and one of Britain’s fastest growing start-ups), was one of Intilery’s first clients. Working with us since 2012, Kabbee use the Intilery platform to communicate more effectively with their 520,000 users across London.

Kabbee have developed a bespoke and wide ranging data warehouse of their own, so use Intilery’s APIs to connect their extensive customer base with our omni-channel marketing automation quickly and easily.

One of Kabbee’s favourite things about the Intilery platform is how easy it is to create re-usable email templates from scratch, allowing the marketing function at Kabbee to be very lean and highly efficient.

It’s a real credit to the system how quick and easy it is to build an email, thanks to the simple Intilery interface” said Michael Jenkins, Head of Data and Customer Retention. “With a number of the marketing team on maternity leave, it’s been a real benefit to me that I can manage our outgoing communications and still have time for my normal role”.

Kabbee’s emails are built and sent through the Intilery platform, with personalised content and customer details automatically populated from the Kabbee database via an API call.

The personalisation options allow Kabbee to send customised emails to key segments of their database, where the content has been tailored to only show the information that’s most relevant to each recipient.

Kabbee have used the combination of in-house data analytics and Intilery API functionality, to deliver highly targeted mails to customers, based on their behaviours and habits. With these targeted mails, they have seen open rates improve by ~2.5%, with a similar impact continuing down the conversion funnel.

Going forward, Kabbee are keen to further develop their segmentation abilities by making greater use of the Intilery platform, enabling them to serve their customers even better. They’ll be working closely with Intilery’s client services team to develop new integrations with their data warehouse to deliver deeper insights into their diverse customer base.

At Kabbee, the experience that our customers receive is of paramount importance to us – whether it’s a ride in one of our partners’ minicabs, or the communications they receive from us afterwards” commented Justin Peters, Kabbee’s CEO & Founder.

Kabbee is designed to make lives easier for our customers, and using Intilery is a big part of that. We lead the industry in technology and innovation, so our communications are no different.”

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