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Travel Supermarket break away

Travel Supermarket break away

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Travel Supermarket

Intilery’s CEO Gareth James pictured with (from left) TravelSupermarket’s, Laura Lancaster, IT Delivery and Jennifer O’Hare, Web Operations.

Travel Supermarketthe UK’s leading online travel comparison website, reinforce their commitment to delivering a personalised customer marketing approach through their partnership with Intilery.

Jennifer O’Hare, Web Operations Manager says, “The Intilery Platform has proven to be an invaluable asset in helping Travel Supermarket utilise rich data to deliver a personalised approach for customers.

“Intilery enable us to capture customer preferences across devices and present the most appropriate offers, destinations and products real-time. The software is incredibly powerful and the team accommodate all of our requests”.

Gareth James, Intilery’s CEO added, “Travel Supermarket aim to cut through the avalanche of communication from other providers to simplify options for customers by creating content that is entirely relevant.  The travel sector is incredibly competitive, only providers that take a customer engagement approach will succeed in the future”.

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