Customer engagement in Banking


To create loyalty that last a lifetime, banks must gain customer’s trust by delivering a genuine, sincere experience across channels

Key Facts

In 2015

Customers will use their mobile devices to check their current accounts 895 million times

By 2020

Mobile will be the primary channel used to manage current accounts.


UK top four banks projected to lose £3.7 billion in revenue between 2015 and 2018 due to poor customer experience


UK customers will have downloaded banking apps more than 23 million times in 2015


Overcoming marketing challenges in Banking

Treating customers fairly

Put the customer at the heart of your communications, anticipate product need, deliver product relevance, create brand trust.

Shake off the shackles of product silos

Improve the holistic view of your customer with a next generation Single Customer View and Data Planning System, no need to feel restricted by internal systems or product silos.

Creating real differentiation

If the competitions product look similar, differentiate your service and delivery. Take the customer effort out of banking, deliver market leading omni-channel services that stands you head and shoulders above the competition.

We can help you deliver a unified experience across all of your marketing channels, off and on-line.

Through Intilery's powerful platform you can create real-time omni-channel marketing messaging that goes above and beyond simply sending balance alerts. We can help you develop sophisticated marketing automation to ensure customers journeys are effortless, value generating and loyalty promoting.


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Make this the year you become a marketing rockstar

Out of the box engagement devices for banking

Cross channel personalisation

Show them you know them

Incorporate customers individual preferences across all channels

Real time service delivery


From the moment customers enquire through to conversion, deliver comms instantly

Channel efficiency

Personalise by channel

Communicate with customers at the right time via the right channel. Incorporate app, mobile, online and branch activity all in real-time

Onboarding and welcome programmes


Right from the first contact, activate and service your customers faster and keep them for longer. Create a consistent customer journey regardless of channel.

In app marketing

Full channel

Increases lifetime value, close ratios and cross-sells, upsells and more

Referral programmes

Automate prompts

Nudge customers to recommend a friend dependant on specific activity and behaviours

Form optimisation

Reduce customer effort

Take applicants back to part filled forms.

Understand preferences

Monitor and promote

Replay content via multiple channels in real-time

Loyalty Campaigns

Find your advocates

Reward behaviours based on levels of engagement, feedback and relevance