Customer engagement for the price comparison sector

Price Comparison

To succeed comparison sites must own the customer experience, promoting relevant products at the right time to the right customers

Overcoming marketing challenges in Price Comparison

deliver a great customer experience with customer engagement technology

Delivering relevance

Capture onsite behaviour and playback to customers at the right time with the right products. Incorporate searched content, as well as clicked products to enable a complete customer view.

deliver a great customer experience with customer engagement technology where ever your customers are

Real-time tracking

Intilery’s advanced tracking tools can identify which customers have clicked links real-time, use the data to promote complimentary products and create a personalised customer journey even for anonymous traffic.

deliver a great customer experience with customer engagement technology

Build relationships

We can help you develop engagement techniques and devices to encourage browsers and shoppers to provide preference information and widen your channel reach.

Consolidate data from multi-channel activity to gain valuable insight into individual customer preferences.

Through Intilery you can power real-time omni-channel marketing messaging designed to help build profitable relationships. We can help you develop sophisticated marketing automation to ensure customers journeys are effortless, value generating and loyalty promoting.


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Example engagement techniques for Price Comparison

Abandoned search/quotes

Aid completion

Help address customer indecision, playback searches and quotes, present reasons to complete

On page personalisation

Make it relevant

Present home page or any page personalised content and CTA's to encourage click through

Sharing search results

Did you know...

Conversion improves when shoppers canvas the opinions of friends and relatives, activate this functionality with Intilery

Price alerts


Activate real-time alerts for shoppers when the price of products/policies fall. Communicate notifications via any channel.

Life stage data

Improve customer penetration

Don’t present products customers have just purchased! Build programme designed to promote cross sales or complimentary products.

Real-time onsite engagement

Engage with content

Track onsite content a customer has viewed e.g. best buys, reviews, FAQ’s and use it to target the right message at the right time

Auto form completion

Reduce customer effort

Auto populate and take customers back to part completed forms

Build direct relationships

Take back control

Acquire email addresses of web traffic and enable customers to store the details of all of their purchases in one place to keep them coming back.


Show me you know me

Use proximity to drive conversion, deliver content based on customers location to see instant uplift in response

Featured Client

Ask us how we power TravelSupermarket’s customer engagement strategy, helping keep them top of the UK's Comparison site chart