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Consultancy Partner Programme

Become an intilery partner, strengthen your client relationships, and increase profitability

Become a Consultancy Partner

Intilery is the perfect choice for consultancy's working with B2C brands seeking to build value added relationships with their customers.

The unique Marketing Cloud technology is under-pinned by the most powerful Single Customer View in the market, ensuring marketing strategies can be actioned in real-time, automated and draw insight cross channel.

Our technology compliments those consultancies who are typically involved in the following project areas –

•  Technology Strategy, digital transformation and e-commerce systems

•  Customer data

•  Mobile and CRO strategy

•  Omni-channel strategy

•  Multi-channel segmentation

•  Channel mapping and planning



"I'd have no reservations in recommending Intilery to my clients or contacts, as a technology provider they are a professional, visionary organisation that deliver an exceptional solution"

Guy Abbott, Global Head of Enterprise, ADMEDO