Email Deliverability Best Practice

Email Deliverability

Better position your campaigns to reach the inbox, avoid spam filters and engage your subscribers.



It's all in the delivery

To optimise your email channel, email needs to arrive first and foremost in your customer’s inbox instead of categorised as spam. Management of deliverability is a specialist function that requires a great deal of understanding of how to structure, manage, send and format your email volume and content.

Because email forms part of the Intilery campaign solution we’re experts in sending billions of emails every year on behalf of our clients. Managing deliverability is an important part of ensuring channel effectiveness.

Deliverability Best Practices Checklist


  • Only send emails to those who want to receive them
  • Warm up Your IPs and domain
  • Opt for dedicated IP addresses where practical
  • Have separate IP addresses for transactional emails and marketing or promotional emails
  • Unsubscribe hard-bounce customers fast
  • Including unsubscribe buttons and a preference center
  • Set up return addresses
  • Implement a sunset policy
  • Put in place arobust authentication process
  • Ask customer to add you to whitelists
  • Source emails contacts based on permission in compliance with in-country Data Protection Laws
  • Update and manage your lists at timely intervals
  • Include a plain text version of your email
  • Design your emails with deliverability in mind
  • Send consistent volumes

Your email performance, analysed and optimised

  • We use sophisticated tools to identify potential problems before they affect your deliverability.
  • We use these insights to provide ongoing recommendations to increase your performance to ensure your email channel performs as expected.