Customer Experience

It's an experience culture

How will you differentiate?

Real-time functionality

The most important element for delivering a superior experience is the ability to converse in real time.  Intilery efficiently interrogates millions of customer transactions and behavioural data sets across all channels with ease. You can be confident that you can instigate conversations across any medium that are updated in milliseconds to ensure that relevance is achieved regardless of where your customers are on their journey with you.


Device optimisation

With so many customers utilising mobile to search, browse and buy its imperative that your engagement technology has the ability to deliver a seamless mobile experience. Whether you deliver personalisation on-site, via push or in email across tablet, mobile or notepad your customers expect the best possible experience — both practically, and visually.

Users on the move need quick page loads, especially if they’re not on Wi-Fi. Optimised assets such as scalable imagery and graphics that can be designed specifically for mobile ensures site pages load fast – integral to keeping customers on-site.

Click-to-call, location-based services, cameras, scanners and other in-built applications deliver opportunities on mobile and tablet that even desktop sites cannot match. Deliver the best experience possible using Intilery’s agile platform.

Marketing Automation

The effective onboarding and continued engagement of customers relies on timely, content rich, relevant communication. The ability to deliver behavioural triggered communications in an instant should be the least marketers expect from their technology platform.

Intilery automate and streamline communications to respond to customers in real-time across all marketing channels. Selections and programmes are dynamic to help you manage customer journey points and relationships, saving valuable time and effort whilst delivering increased ROI.


Smart Content

Content marketing does a great job of educating potential buyers and driving brand awareness, but smart content takes your personalisation strategy to a whole new level.

Smart Content is content that is personalised to each individual visitor, based on segment data, behavioural triggers, location or interests.

Using Intilery brands can quickly inject and large volumes of content enriching your marketing campaigns and delivering a stellar experience.

  • Use intilery as your content hub, without the need for an additional CMS System
  • Utilise your content across channels to provide a seamless brand experience
  • Improve conversion and frequency of purchase by delivering interesting and relevant content