FAQs for Intilery, Customer Engagement Solutions Provider


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How long does it take to get started?

We take clients down our onboarding process which includes training and platform implementation.  As part of this process we supply a single line of code which needs to be tagged to your website, as soon as this is implemented you can get going!   

Can I trial the software?

Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We provide a 3 month proof of concept stage, which enables you to experience the power and versatility of the entire system.  

During the POC stage you can apply personalisation onsite and through emails, create and execute campaigns and programmes, segment your data and measure response. 

What technical support is available from the Intilery team?

Full support is available from the Intilery team, we don’t simply provide you with the software and leave you to it (unless you want us to!)  If you have any questions, advice or general technical support we’ll be there for you.

What’s the maximum number of contacts I can email at one time?

There is no limit, our clients regularly contact millions of customers simultaneously, with no impact on speed or deliverability.

Do I pay more, the more customers I contact?

No, unlike other suppliers, at Intilery we charge a flat fee, so you can contact as many customers or segments as often as you like – and we don’t charge you more.  Contact strategies change over time, as they should do, we like to make it easy for you to adapt and change without budget being the obstacle.

What if I don’t know how to analyse campaign or programme results?

If you don’t have either the skillset or resource internally we have data scientists who can analyse results, help create segments and create clusters too.

Will I see the financial benefits straight away?

Our clients see significant uplift when channels and customer journeys are joined up effectively.  Once you understand how your customers interact with you, how they search and the way they buy, you can influence their decisions at various touch-points.

By improving service through timely, relevant, seamless communication you can create engagement and a positive customer experience - which in turn delivers loyal behaviour and a more profitable customer.

Do I need to get IT or our website teams involved to get started?

No…all you need to do is ask your website administrator to ‘tag’ the tracking code to your website, this often takes no more than minutes.  

Is the software only useful if I have a customer’s email address?

No…in fact many companies struggle to obtain the email address of site visitors, the Intilery platform provides the means for you to promote engagement to obtain email contact.  Track each individual website visitor through their IP address and present them with a number of new touch points to encourage them to provide their details. 

What kind of tests can I do?

The Intilery platform enables you to test as many variables you like to help drive insight.  Best offers, pricing, time or date of mailing, content, subject lines and product personalisation to name but a few.  With our A/B test function the system automatically monitors the statistical significance of your test and executes the winning campaign to your target audience. 

The great news is, you can view the results of your tests real-time which helps drive business decisions quickly.