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Reduce bet abandonment with real-time messaging

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Betting Abandonment

Millions of pounds are being lost each day due to betting abandonment. Whether it's customers who are browsing or those who have opened a bet slip but not bet, it's critical to get a message to those customers in real time to encourage them to come back and complete their bets.

Real-Time Decisions

In sports betting, getting messages to abandoning customers before their event starts is critical. This can be difficult when there's only 10 mins before the event starts. Real-time messaging is key to ensure your abandonment messages reaches your customer in time. 

Complex Business Rules

When communicating with your customers, it's important that you don't send the wrong message. There are many complex business rules that need to be managed, in real time, before any abandonment message can be sent. 

We can help you deliver a unified experience across all of your marketing channels, off and on-line.

Through Intilery's powerful platform you can create real-time omni-channel marketing messaging that goes above and beyond simply sending balance alerts. We can help you develop sophisticated marketing automation to ensure customers journeys are effortless, value generating and loyalty promoting.


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