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Are you GDPR ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new legislation to protect the personal data of EU citizens - do you have the technology and processes in place to ensure you are compliant?

How will GDPR affect B2C digital marketing

From May 2018 when GDPR legally applies it will be important to re-think the way in which you not only collect customer data but also use and retain it too.

There are a number of key legislation changes which will affect the way in which you market to your customers and all of your campaigns will need to re-evaluated to ensure that you are compliant. Audit your existing campaigns to see where there are revisions required and implement in good time before the May deadline.

Key GDPR changes for marketers to consider

Consent Management

There is now no option but to request an opt-in, no more pre-ticked opt-out campaigns. You can only market to individuals who have given unambiguous consent on an informed basis. We can manage the process for you and provide evidence.

Right to be forgotten 

Does your technology solution enable you to instantly delete or transfer all customer data if requested? A simple interface within Intilery enables you to do this instantly, using the correct user authorities, automated confirmation and tracking reports.

Data Minimisation

You must be able to demonstrate that you are collecting as little data as possible, for the shortest possible period of time, and delete it as quickly as possible – all while exposing it to the fewest number of people. We can select only what you want us to collect.



Intilery can help

GDPR makes explicitly clear that consent has to be provable. Organisations must keep a record of its opted-in subscribers so that they'll be able to provide the proof of consent needed to avoid penalties.

Intilery provide a clear audit trail, depicting what time, date and method was used to acquire consent. If a customer requests that their data be deleted or transferred to another party the Intilery platform can provide the means to do this simply, with a full trail and authority control.

Download our worksheet to understand more about how to incorporate GDPR compliance into your marketing campaigns.


What about my current database?

Did you know that your existing database is at risk if you can't prove you gained valid marketing opt-in consent at the time customers signed up. You can't email your customers post May 2018 to gain retrospective GDPR compliant opt-in status either. Many organisations are running campaigns now to address the changes before it's too late - if you need a fast solution call us on 0844 802 4581 for more information.