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Intilery Marketing Cloud Partner Programme

Become an Intilery partner, strengthen your client relationships and increase profitability.

Why Intilery?

With the most powerful Single Customer View in the market, the Intilery platform delivers a unified view of customer behaviour regardless of how brands communicate with their customers - app, email, onsite, social, SMS or off-line channels. Intilery is the only technology provider that can provide a real-time fully integrated and accessible solution.

Why become an Intilery partner?

You’ll be market leading because your clients’ success will be powered by the markets’ most powerful Single Customer View

  • Intilery is the most powerful Single Customer View available in the UK
  • Fully integrated and scalable regardless of size of client
  • Fast, simple set up and implementation
  • A complete solution with no requirement to integrate or add in additional plugins.
  • Exceptional support to ensure speed and consistency in service to your end users
  • We don’t compete with our partners for professional services
  • Intilery is a visionary disruptor in the customer engagement space, the technology is original, unique and not comparable in terms of performance to anything else in the market.
  • Referrals should expect to earn competitive finders fees on the clients’ successful adoption of the Intilery platform.


Our Partner Programmes


Agency Partners

We partner with agencies that share our unique vision for creating exceptional customer experiences.

Help your clients bring their creative ideas to life with the Intilery Marketing Cloud. The technology enables your clients to contextualise customer behaviour across channels, gaining and actioning valuable insight in real-time.


Referral Partner

Our referral partners promote Intilery to customers who seek to enhance their revenue opportunities through better customer engagement.

As a thank you, we reward successful referrals with a choice of remuneration packages including donations to a charity of your choice.


Consultancy Partner

Intilery is the perfect choice for consultancy's working with B2C brands seeking to build value added relationships with their customers.

The unique Marketing Cloud technology is under-pinned by the most powerful Single Customer View in the market, ensuring marketing strategies can be actioned in real-time.


Technology Partner

Our Single Customer View has the capability to report on every conceivable metric and record, track and report on every interaction of every customer across any time frame.

Through Intilery’s integration points, seamlessly integrate our software into your existing architecture with our powerful REST-based API’s and multi-language SDKs.