Overcoming Marketing Challenges to Customer Engagment in Retail


Are you a winning retailer? Brands that enable shoppers to browse and buy in a seamless, brand consistent way between devices and preferred channels will win.

Overcoming marketing challenges in Retail

deliver a great customer experience with customer engagement technology

Convert more onsite browsers

Optimise onsite traffic, reduce customer effort and replay product preferences across all utilised channels.

deliver a great customer experience across devices with customer engagement technology

Consistent retail experience 

Using the Intilery Single Customer View, market to customers one-to-one when they are most likely to respond with products they are most likely to buy.

Engage with shoppers on the go

Customer retention

Build engagement through relevance, and journey ease.

Consolidate data from multi-channel activity to gain valuable insight into individual customer preferences

Action insight using Intilery. Create and implement real-time omni-channel marketing messaging and powerful personalisation. We can help you develop sophisticated marketing automation to ensure customer journeys are effortless, value generating and loyalty promoting.


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Make this the year you become a marketing rockstar

Out of the box engagement devices for Retail

Onboarding and welcome programmes

Crucial for activation

Make sure your customers feel loved from the outset, create automated campaigns to engage from the outset

Product replay

Reduce customer effort

Curate searches and present past purchases to increase up-sell and cross-sell

Personalised recommendation engine

Social buy in

Display items customers have in their basket, items they’ve rated and liked, and what other customers have viewed and purchased - it's called item-to-item collaborative filtering

Personalised incentives

Nudge to buy

Produce behaviour based onsite banners or pop-ups to incentivise first purchase or reward for loyalty, AB test on all channels

Smart merchandising

Be commercial

Promote best sellers, what's hot, popular brands or promote excess stock or special offers to specific targets..the list is endless

Drive store footfall using geodata

We know where you live!

Using geodata promote nearest store to site traffic or include as dynamic content in emails, utilise push notifications when customers are near stores.

Back in stock notification


Notify your customers when items are back in stock promotes conversion and drives traffic back to site, notifications can be delivered via any channel

Abandon search/basket options

Playback to profit

Convert customers who abandon their transaction up to or during the payment process, bringing them back to your site to complete their purchase

MV/AB test

Practice with support

Run hundreds of tests, automate winning campaigns and scale fast, works across multiple channels

Case Study

See how Sofology experienced their best ever trading weekend on record using omni-channel behavioural trigger campaigns