Single Customer View

Built on the markets most powerful Single Customer View

The only True Single Customer View in the market


Do you have an incomplete view of your customers due to disparate data systems?

Are you unable to get analysis to form usable customer personas?

Do real-time data insights elude you?

To gain a truly holistic view of each and every customer’s behaviour requires a superior software solution that integrates all on and off-line data. Only when you can contextualize customer touchpoints across channel and device in real-time will you be able to gain in-depth insight. 

Your data unified

Real Time

To deliver an exceptional experience you must deliver customer communications in real-time. 

All 1st and 3rd party data is captured real-time across all channels (web, email, mobile, app, social and in-store).


Designed to be blazingly fast, efficient and scalable. The Intilery Single Customer View is the only cloud based petabyte-scale data warehouse solution that efficiently interrogates billions of customer transactions and behavioural data sets from both on and off-line channels.


With our REST API's your business can push data from any available data source to enrich your Single Customer View. We can access data through the use of SFTP, secured REST or Email transfer over the internet, taking live feeds directly from your systems. 


Implemention requires just a single line of code  added to your website to begin your engagement journey. This can be done in minutes, there is no need to setup any configuration, employ database management processes or provision additional resources. 

Your Digital Baseline from Intilery

Before you can build a comprehensive customer engagement strategy you’ll need to unify and secure your data in one place.


  • Cloud-based infrastructure

  • Hosted in either your own or Intilery’s AWS environment

  • Unified platform of easy-to-use applications

  • Cross-channel campaign capabilities

  • Audience profiling and segmentation

  • Personalisation toolkit across channels

  • Analytics and data management