Increase Customer Engagement with Petabyte-Scale Technology Solution

Real-Time Decision Engine

Deliver Real-Time Decisions Across All Channels to Key Segments

Real-time, Multi-channel Decisions

Your customers move in and out of key segments - sometimes several times a day. In order to ensure your communications are timely and relevant, your triggered messaging must be able to handle complex business rules, ingest data from multiple sources and deliver the message to your intended audience.  Many technologies in the market claim to be real-time but this often is not the case once the use case becomes more complex, including integrating with 3rd party technologies or connecting to live systems. 


Decisions Based in 1st and 3rd Party Data

All 1st and 3rd party data is captured real-time across all channels (web, email, mobile, app, social and in-store). There is no need to set up any configuration, employ database management processes or provision additional resources.