Increase Customer Engagement with Petabyte-Scale Technology Solution

Technology to power personalisation

Customer behaviour is dynamic, so the perfect marketing solution needs to be the most adaptive, flexible technology on the market

Monetise Customer Experience

Single Customer View & Data Planning

Multivariate/Split Testing & Analytics

Marketing Automation

Omni-Channel Campaigns

Channel Personalisation



Fast, powerful, query tool

Intilery is a blazingly fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse solution. The platform efficiently interrogates millions of customer transactions and behavioural data sets across all channels with ease. Data can be stored on your site or cloud based and stored by us - so customer data privacy will never be a concern.


Real-time, seamless, omni-channel view

All 1st and 3rd party data is captured real-time across all channels (web, email, mobile, app, social and in-store). There is no need to set up any configuration, employ database management processes or provision additional resources.


360° view provides advanced analytics

Our Single Customer View has the capability to report on every conceivable metric and record, track and report on every interaction of every customer across any time frame. Importantly you'll have the power to drill down to every action of every customer individually, this level of microscopic detail provides a step to change in developing customer insight used to confidently shape marketing strategy.


Apply the Code

We supply a single line of code which needs to be added to your website to begin your engagement journey. This can be done in minutes, there is no need to setup any configuration, employ database management processes or provision additional resources.


Whether you are an entry level or enterprise client, expect a seamless, professional introduction and transition to Intilery. Our first-class onboarding process is a carefully planned sequence of activity to provide you with all the planning, implementation and support you need to get going.


Whether you need technical, account or consultancy support, we’re with you every step of the way. Our dedicated and responsive account managers support you day-to-day, whilst our team of experienced CRM specialists provide a sounding board for engagement strategy and customer journey mapping.

Manage customer relationships seamlessly, omni-channel 







API & Complete Integration

To get a true view of your customer's behaviour, activate your first and third party data whatever the source. With our REST API's your business can push data from any available data source to enrich your Single Customer View. We can access data through the use of SFTP, secured REST or Email transfer over the internet, taking live feeds directly from your systems.

MV and AB Testing

Support test and learn by validating your hypotheses  before you launch ideas. Mitigate the risk of poor performing campaigns, or auto roll out winners as soon as they reach statistical significance.

Test ideas across any channel and see the results in real-time. We can help you develop an Iterative testing plan by segment or persona, designed to enable you find the valuable insight in your data. Ensure your tests are focused and single minded to avoid those false positives.

"Using the Intilery platform we have developed a robust attribution model through the provision of a multi-device and multi-channel single customer view. We can now attribute multi-currency revenue to email and other channel campaigns by taking into account the complete picture of a customer and their devices."

Glen Richardson

Chief Marketing Officer