Increase Customer Engagement with Petabyte-Scale Technology Solution

Technology to power personalisation

Customer behaviour is dynamic, so the perfect marketing solution needs to be the most adaptive, flexible technology on the market

All the power you need at your fingertips

deliver a great customer experience with customer engagement technology

A true Single Customer View

Purpose built to be blazingly fast, efficient and scalable, the Intilery Single Customer View is the only cloud based petabyte-scale data warehouse solution that efficiently interrogates billions of customer transactions and behavioural data sets across all channels with ease.

deliver a great customer experience across devices with customer engagement technology

Omni-Channel Personalisation

Customers are channel agnostic. Engage with them on the mediums they prefer and in the ways they want to browse and buy. Deliver personalised content across your marketing channels with ease, incorporating as many behavioural triggers as you want.

Engage with shoppers on the go


Automate your campaigns top save time. Converse with your customers in real-time delivering smart content that’s optimised for device, relevant and engaging. Deliver an exceptional experience for every individual customer, every time.


Installation is a secret code

It's so simple to get started.

We supply a single line of code which needs to be added to your website to begin capturing customer behaviour.

This can be done in minutes.

There is no need to setup any configuration, employ database management processes or provision additional resources. The light weight tag has no impact on load speeds or performance and can be administered either directly on your site or via a data layer.


Flexibility, scalability and reliability

Using AWS enables us to scale our platform for maximum cost efficiency, specific to each client. Uniquely, Intilery can be hosted within your own AWS environment or within Intilery’s providing maximum security for your customer data and ensures GDPR compliance.


Why we're different


Whether you are an entry level or enterprise client, expect a seamless, professional introduction and transition to Intilery. Our first-class onboarding process is a carefully planned sequence of activity to provide you with all the planning, implementation and support you need to get going.


Whether you need technical, account or consultancy support, we’re with you every step of the way. Our dedicated and responsive account managers support you day-to-day, whilst our team of experienced CRM specialists provide a sounding board for engagement strategy and customer journey mapping.