Create a responsive customer engagement strategy in the travel sector with Intilery


Take the customer effort out of booking travel and be rewarded with more subscribers, increased loyalty and higher volume and value bookings

Overcoming marketing challenges in Travel

Create customer loyalty

With so much choice how do you keep customers coming back to you? Develop relationships with omni-channel engagement techniques.

Capture browser intent

With millions of potential customers visiting your site, use clever engagement methods to understand the preferences of anonymous web traffic and devices to encourage sign up.

Reduce inventory surplus

Promote under utilised products to those most likely to respond via intelligent targeting and automation. Utilise personalised onsite and in-app merchandising to reduce wastage.

Do you rely on paid advertising to drive site traffic?

If so, then it's important to convert and retain as much traffic as possible. Only pay once for your customers, give visitors a reason to come to you directly. Intilery's powerful platform can help create real-time omni-channel marketing messaging that hits the spot every time keeping customers coming back for more.


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Make this the year you become a marketing rockstar

Out of the box engagement devices for travel 

Sign up widgets & pop-ups

Email acquisition

Increase the number of engagement opportunities by encouraging site visitors to sign up to email. Can be personalised to only appear to certain targets, pages and times.

Price drop


Let site visitors know when the price of a holiday, hotel or flight they searched for drops - instantly

Geodata identifiers

Show me you know me

Present relevant content across channels specific to the location of your customer, nearest airport, branch, driving distance and see amazing results

Onboarding and welcome programmes

Important to aid retention

Encourage your customers to buy more frequently and recommend you to others. Automate personalised programmes designed to take all the effort out of engagement for you and your customers.

Abandon search/booking

Improve conversion

Manage and build responsive campaigns around all details captured during abandoned search or booking scenario's. Playback to customers and improve conversion

Referral programmes

Send to a friend

Increase conversion by facilitating the ability to share searched content with friends and family - we can implement on site page

Click stream content scraping

Understand what's relevant

Pull through content from affiliate channels or PPC to produce a more engaging journey to help speed up conversion

Post stay surveys and evaluation

Show you care

Implement end-to-end journey management, record and utilise engaging feedback real-time.

Integrated loyalty/reward programmes

Retain customers

Present real-time personalised loyalty programmes, communicate points, rewards, prizes and incentives to only those you want to at just the right time, via the most appropriate customer channel.

Case Study

See how Erna Low optimised conversion by launching behaviour based abandon basket campaigns