3 things a Customer Data platform should help you achieve
3 things a Customer Data Platform should achieve

3 things a Customer Data Platform should achieve

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What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

According to Gartner, the definition of a Customer Data Platform is;

"an integrated customer database managed by marketers that unifies a company’s customer data from online and offline channels to enable modelling and drive customer experience”

To help explain how a CPD differs from a Single Customer View (SCV), Data Management Platform (DMP), Demand Side Platform (DSP) for example we’ve listed three distinct ‘must-haves’ that a CDP should achieve in order to contribute to overall business objectives.


1. Unify Data

Your customer data platform should not create more data to sort through. Rather, the platform will help an organisation make sense of, and derive insight from all the first party data available. This, in turn, will help create seamless journeys with a holistic overview of user behaviour across all channels.

2. Intuitive and accessible

A CDP should be a useful tool that can be used by the marketing team as well as other necessary stakeholders – not just those with advanced technical skills. Those with business acumen and deep understanding of the business strategy should be able to use the platform as a tool to understand and derive insights from the first party data.

3. Real Time

Customers expect relevant real-time communication, and a simple abandon basket email received when they’ve already completed their purchase will invariably leave a sour taste. Therefore the CDP has to provide real-time functionality.



In order to retain customers, and attract others like them organisations need to track behavioural patterns across all platforms. A Customer data platform will help you gather the important first party data and provide your team with the tools to action real-time insight.

If your organisation struggles to unify and gain value from first party data contact us today to see how Intilery can help.

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