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6 tips for powerful Abandon Basket Campaigns

6 tips for powerful Abandon Basket Campaigns

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Abandon basket campaigns are a key retargeting touchpoint that have proved successful in converting the end user. As it stands, the average rate of basket abandonment stands at 68.9%, meaning steps taken to win back these lost revenue opportunities need to be powerful and successful.  

If a customer has opted into your email communications, either by purchasing or registering to receive product news and offers, they will expect targeted and relevant emails.  However, there is a fine line between adding value and becoming an annoyance. If you communicate with customers in a way they don’t appreciate, you risk losing valuable share of mind, and creating barriers to the user journey.

Here’s our 6 tips on how to ensure your abandon basket emails are effective. 

1. Understand true personalisation

Adding personalisation makes the email more relevant to each individual user. Go further than using their first name, add product information, products viewed, and content that’s relevant to their journey stage and their segment.


2. Test the more powerful call to action

Make it easy and intuitive for each and every customer by experimenting on the ‘next best action’. Provide an option to ‘view basket’ or ‘continue purchase’ link that directs the user back to the point in the journey where they abandoned their session. This makes it easier for the customer to pick up where they left off, bypassing any blockers in the path to purchase such as a log-in page or having to repeat their search.


3. Implement Social Proofing strategies

Adding social proofing elements such a reviews, star rating from your products or an influencer testimonial can provide authority in a way that is much more impactful than promotional copy alone. Similarly, third party accreditation from organisations that work within your industry can build trust and make the user more comfortable with parting with their hard-earned cash.


4. Influence using the scarcity principle

Create a sense of urgency and nudge the customer by highlighting falling stock levels, noting how many other customers have viewed that product, or communicate a short-term price drop or time-bound discount. However, be careful to target as specific customer groups so you don’t cannibalise revenue.


5. Know your customers' journey

If the user hasn’t been converted through a single abandon basket email, try a sequence for example a second or third, but don’t forget to test different subject lines and/or content. Most importantly, if the customer has returned to site and followed through with the purchase, remove them from the programme – real time functionality is imperative. Continuing to send emails that are no longer relevant is a guaranteed way to lose customer loyalty.


6. Put mobile-first

Traditionally, abandonment rates are worse on mobile devices than on desktop. In 54% of cases, email is read on a mobile – meaning abandon basket campaigns need to make an excellent impression on mobile. Do this by creating responsive, beautiful emails, hiding elements that won’t look great on a small screen like lengthy navigation menus.

Follow these tips to captivate your audience at a time where they’re already engaged and in the market for your product – and guide them through the conversion path, making life easier for each and every customer. Intilery can help you create profitable two-way conversations using our dynamic email builder, personalisation and automation functionality. Contact us to learn more.

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