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How can retailers create a unique Black Friday customer experience?

How can retailers create a unique Black Friday customer experience?

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Black Friday 2016 saw UK customers spend an average of £117 across multiple channels, and retailers saw their traffic grow, with some witnessing 220% more web sessions than average on the day.

In recent years, the one-day price-cutting phenomenon has transformed into weeks of offers and specials – both online an instore. Deals are released weeks beforehand and continue right through the festive season.


Is it worth the hype?

However, a recent study released by Accenture Consulting suggests that consumers this year feel less likely to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Most respondents attributed this to the fact they had been shopping for gifts throughout the year taking advantage of the rise in constant sales and discounts. This increase in year-round sales have resulted in a reduction in the sense of urgency to purchase that normally surrounds Black Friday.

For retailers, there also exists a risk of failing to understand patterns in customer behaviours, cannibalizing revenue with unnecessary price slashes and a poorly targeted one-size--fits-all approach. Consumers will still shop on Black Friday, but the event  no longer has the same appeal for consumers or retailers, and therefore the expected increase in revenue has now also began to wain.

However, retailers can realise improvements in campaign success by carefully examining this shift in behaviour and using it to create competitive advantage. We’ve explored three tactics retailers can take advantage of to create a powerful Black Friday experience for every customer.



When it comes to creating differentiation personalisation can go a long way. Use techniques like segmentation to ensure relevant and meaningful messages that encourage conversion. For example, a loyal customer may be inspired to spend more through exclusive discounts or recommendations. Yet first-time visitors, strongly motivated by price, may be more difficult to convert and need some extra nudging in the form of specialised communication. This sort of on-site behavioural tracking will be invaluable when generating a customer engagement strategy for black Friday and beyond. Check out our case study with TravelSupermarket to see how their CRM team used Intilery to create a personalised on-site experience, resulting in a 4-fold increase in their customer database.



The classic store-front queues from 3 am have gone digital. More than that, they’ve gone mobile. Based on previous data, PayPal is expecting over 50% year-on-year growth in mobile payments. Last years’ trends also saw a significant increase in app installs, indicating an appreciation of a mobile shopping experience across channels.

Prioritise and deliver a great mobile experience and be rewarded with higher conversions.


Invest in Omnichannel

Black Friday isn’t just a single channel phenomena, ensure all your channels work together to gather insight on customers to be used at a later date. During this busy time email acquisition is just as important as on the day conversion, it’s a time to begin to nurture relationships and not just view it  as a single day conversion metric.

Brands that enable shoppers to browse and buy in a seamless, brand consistent way between devices and channels will win customer attention on Black Friday and beyond. The Intilery Marketing Cloud can help develop sophisticated personalisation to ensure customer journeys are effortless and loyalty promoting. Request a demo of our technology platform with a consultant here.  

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