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How will GDPR affect your marketing plan?

How will GDPR affect your marketing plan?

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With GDPR coming into full force in May 2018, we ask the question – are the new data protection regulations bad news for the digital marketer or will they provide a profitable opportunity for those ready to implement privacy by design?

For marketers, GDPR brings about new challenges and opportunities in the way that personal data is gathered, processed and protected. Although many brands and organisations are already careful about how they store and collect customer information, in the interest of trust and transparency, the GDPR brings rules and regulations to put each individual in full control of their personal data. 

While there remains some ambiguity around the specifics of GDPR, we explore important areas of your marketing strategy that will need to be reviewed in light of regulation changes.

  • Consent Explicit consent must always be sought and obtained when gathering individual data. Soft opt in’s will no longer be permitted or pre-completed tick boxes ‘opting-in’ to marketing communications during process interactions. Importantly, it must be as easy to remove consent as to give it. You must also design an easily accessible comprehensive explanation of how and where personal data will be held, stored and used.
  • Cookies On-site cookie notifications as we know them will change. As cookies are considered personal data, it will be important that users can opt to decline the use of cookies AND that an alternative browsing experience is provided for them.
  • Personalisation Delivering personalised experiences will present challenges under GDPR, however, it does present marketers an opportunity to provide experiences that are strongly aligned with their contact preferences.

GDPR does not mean the end of Big Data, or personalisation. It does mean that relevance is the name of the game, and success will be achieved by fostering trust through relevance. Organisations who continue to put the customer at their heart of their marketing strategies will find themselves in a good place to profit from GDPR.

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