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The importance of Global Suppression

The importance of Global Suppression

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Growing your database may be one of your top priorities but excluding some contacts from your campaigns is vital to ensure the overall net success of your campaigns and engagement KPI’s.

Under GDPR regulations, any customer can request the deletion of all of their data from any databases you hold - therefore ceasing all communication. If your marketing data is held in multiple locations and there are disparate lists that are not collated, this can this an arduous task.

Developing a Global Suppression List (GSL) is fast becoming a common goal for organisations that communicate omni-channel. GSL provides a centralised means to provide a one-stop source to hold data on and audit customers who have actively opted out of contact across channels.   

Here are some of the benefits we can see to having a global suppression list, and why we think saying goodbye to some contacts in your database won’t have a negative impact on campaign results.

Centralised data

Keeping all data in one place means it’s more easily auditable for data protection compliance, and it will be much simpler to suppress the data across all channels. A GSL helps keep track of every data entry in the omnichannel marketing ecosystem.

Customer Relationships

If you have a lot of teams accessing data at different points, a Global Suppression List allows you to recognise where the customer relationship has gone cold. Once you know what the catalyst for the deletion request may have been, you can put in place data-driven actions to champion the customer relationship.  

GDPR Compliance

Data accuracy is at the heart of the new GDPR regulation, coming into force in May 2018. Under the new laws, customers have the ‘right to be forgotten’. This means they can request a deletion or transfer of every piece of their data you hold on them. A Global Suppression List means you will be able to locate all relevant customer data quickly and efficiently. For more information on how GDPR will impact your B2C marketing plans, download our guide for a full overview.

A global suppression list provides companies with an opportunity to build greater trust with customers, underscored by transparency regarding the use of their data. If you need a global suppression solution for your database, the Intilery Marketing Cloud can provide the means to do this simply, with a full trail and authority control.

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