Why behavioural patterns should be your top priority
Why behavioural patterns should be your #1 marketing priority

Why behavioural patterns should be your #1 marketing priority

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The era of digital transformation is happening right now. McKinsey estimates that change is happening 10 times faster, at 200 times the scale, with roughly 3000 times the impact than the industrial revolution. In the Martech sector, disruption is a word frequently used – today’s pace of change is palpable and likely the slowest we’ll ever see.

Some people are resistant to change, and not afraid to verbalise it. When the Facebook or LinkedIn interface changes, or when our friends communicate with us via WhatsApp rather than a text message, some are resistant to deviate from the norm. However, scientific evidence shows the opposite – humans are quick to adapt on the whole, and once they do, there’s no going back – this applies to technology more and more.

Technology is evolving so fast that we’re starting to see some of the attributes we think of as human, as the norm – self-driving cars, for instance. Will an era of self-driving cars change road etiquette, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings? Digital technology challenges us and our behaviour.


Catalysts for change

Technology is a major influence on consumer behaviour. At Intilery we believe it’s more powerful to understand that human behaviour is a true catalyst for technological advances. In this era of predictive technology, and with wealth of data at our disposal, customers have high expectations – and those expectations drive change.

Take the example of Google Maps and GPS. Having existed for a short 12 years, consumers expect fast and accurate access to location info at the touch of a button. Users will rarely revert back to a paper map when trying to find their way in a new city. Capitalising on this change in behaviour, Beacon technology has evolved to provide advertising in a more contextual setting, creating a more seamless customer journey for countless in-store experiences.


The future of the CMO

In an era of marketing where disruption is the new normal, it’s more important than ever to truly understand what makes your end user tick. As marketers we have a responsibility to ensure relevancy at all stages – to keep up to date with user behaviour and not annoy, irritate, but deliver the experience expected by each and every customer.

We predict the most successful CMO’s of the future will be catalysts of change within both the marketing department and the organisation as a whole. With access to vast quantities of first party data, it is this agility to adapt to the changing behaviour of the consumer that will set organisations apart from their competitors.

No matter how comfortable teams are with the technology available to them now, it will continue to adapt to cater for the ripples of disruption in behaviour.  Spotting these holistic patterns within the first party data is one of the most valuable skills to generate revenue from your marketing efforts.

Human behaviour may change but human nature will not. It will always be imperative to put a personalised customer experience at the heart of everything you do.

If you want access to comprehensive reporting and deep diving into your first party data, and support from a team that will help you develop a granular understanding of your customers changing habits, contact Intilery today.

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