Disrupting Social Etiquette
Disrupting Social Etiquette

Disrupting Social Etiquette

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Integrating social media into your omni-channel strategy is now seen as the final piece of the jigsaw. A true Single Customer View that consolidates data from all your traditional and digital marketing channels contextualizes an experience for customers in a way never experienced before. Adding platforms such as Facebook into the mix further improves reach and drives ROI.

Currently there are over 38 million Facebook users in the UK, that’s roughly half of the population. Although undeniably a huge pool of customers, even with refined targeting based around standard Facebook criteria such as demographics, location, interests and behaviours, typical CTR is still just 0.9%.

By utilising the data held in your Single Customer View, you can improve response rates making your Facebook ad budget work harder to drive a better performance.

Intilery’s Social Integration has provided an interesting dimension for many of our customers marketing activity. One of our retail clients recently reported a 28% uplift in Ad performance compared to the control saying "we have been able to instantly match our digital CRM data to Facebook customer audiences in real-time providing an outstanding performance, because the technology works in real-time, we can reach people in the moment with the right content and increase engagement rates.”

Gareth James, Intilery’s CEO adds “Our clients continue to test the theory by drawing on a customer’s off-line behaviour to power their social advertising, this recent Intilery functionality update is significant, and a first for Facebook. By using Intilery’s true Single Customer View, brands can improve targeting significantly. Engaging customers who have been into store has always been a challenge, now data captured in-store can be used to power a range of instant ads through Facebook."

Amanda Clancy CMO, Intilery  adds "we like to encourage clients to go one step further than just using Facebooks lookalike audiences. By improving targeting not only based on demographics but also, imminent need and identified customer wants and preferences - all achievable within the Intilery Platform."

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