200 Brands Powered By Intilery

Today, Intilery announced the signing of its newest client, ProgressPlay. 

ProgressPlay, the world’s first Real Money, Access-Anywhere Gaming Platform, will retain Intilery to provide real-time customer engagement technology.


‘We chose Intilery due to their track record with leading gaming brands, their unique abilty to deliver real-time messages and ease of use for managing our 130 brands. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with Intilery, Itai Loewenstein, CEO’

Intilery will empower ProgressPlay to visualise and create real-time AI powered customer journeys, with decision logic through a drag and drop interface and custom data sources enabled at the click of a button. Intilery will enable ProgressPlay to communicate with their customers at the right time on the right channel with the right message.

Utilising the fully integrated single view of the customer, to understand and act on how the customer behaves, Intilery will deliver real-time omni-channel messages. The key to effective communication is unlocking the intelligence that comes with a holistic single view of the customer.

“Initlery are excited to have signed ProgressPlay, an Israeli Gaming Giant. Intilery has a proven track record and is at the forefront of real-time CRM in the gaming industry worldwide. Exciting times ahead”, Gareth James, CEO of Intilery.

Intilery shall provide ProgressPlay real-time messaging for their 200+ brands.

About ProgressPlay

Since 2012, ProgressPlay has been an industry leading provider of high quality casino & sportsbook content and white label gaming platforms that can be fully tailored to fit all our customers’ needs. ProgressPlay offer full turnkey solutions for the online gaming industry, including Operations, CRM, Player Management, Payment Processing and Customer Care services, in order to help maximize the success of clients’ white label brands. We strive to provide only the highest quality cutting-edge gaming platform, along with the know-how and full customer support service for online casino operators in search of a one-stop business solution.