22nd October 2021

3 Benefits of Dynamic Audiences

Marketeers are continually looking for ways to develop and improve their marketing strategies, as aiming to be the best they can be comes as part of the job.

Here at Intilery, we pride ourselves on helping marketeers to be the best they can possibly be. Our powerful, intuitive platform and its intelligent dynamic audiences feature can aid marketeers in developing their marketing strategies.

Dynamic Audiences are a clever way of targeting customers with timely and relevant communications, without having to go to the trouble of manually monitoring behaviour and updating audience groups.


Dynamic Audiences are audiences based on a set of rules that you have determined. They automatically update themselves to include new customers based on their activity and engagement with your brand, and whether they fall into one of the audiences you have set.


There are of course several benefits to using dynamic audiences, so let’s have a look at a few of them…

Targeted Communications

Dynamic audiences enable you to decide on certain groups that you would like to target, based on in-depth data such as their purchase habits, browsing history, interaction with your brand and their preferred methods of communication. Meaning that you can get specific with the audiences you are targeting. Using Intilery means that once you have developed a strategy and determined your audience groups, you can use our email and SMS builders to craft your campaigns, or even create clever customer journeys for each audience.

Below are some examples of ways you could target your audience…

  • Create campaigns for different stages of the funnel

An audience members behaviour will change as they move the different stages of the Buyer’s Journey, creating campaigns to meet their needs at every stage in the funnel can be achieved through dynamic audiences.

  • Target customers who have the strongest purchase intent

It’s important to target those who engage most with your product, you can filter your dynamic audience so that it will automatically update to show you the most relevant customers.

  • Develop relevant campaign content

Analyse what products or areas of your website seem to be trending with your audience and create relevant content relating to said area to send out. You could create a few campaigns that cover different topics/products, that can then be sent out to audiences that are engaging with the trending areas.

More Time

Using the Intilery platform means you will no longer have to worry about manually updating audiences, leaving you with more time to spend crafting targeted communications, these could be email or SMS campaigns that you send out to the different audiences. Highlighting that dynamic audiences are fantastic in allowing you more time to focus on communications.

Peace of Mind

Marketeers are often juggling lots of projects at once. Our platform offers peace of mind that your communications are always going out to the correct audience. Once you’ve initially set up the audience and determined the rules, you can sit back and let Intilery do all the work for you.

Now you’ve learnt about dynamic audiences, you can get started with developing an intuitive marketing and communications strategy that incorporates dynamic audiences of your own. For those of you wishing to start your journey with the Intilery platform, take a look at our pricing page to receive your unique pricing proposal.

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