4th August 2021

3 Benefits of Single Customer View

You may have heard the phrase Single Customer View (SCV) plenty of times and be wondering what one is, how it can relate to Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) and Customer Data Platforms (CDP), or what the benefits of one are.


In terms of Customer Data Platforms, a Single Customer View will accurately collate and present data about your customers, gaining insight from various sources and channels.

Essentially, a Single Customer View enables you and your systems to easily access in-depth customer data on individual audience members, in one place.

As a marketeer, you’ll have your own ideas and data requirements, once the Customer Data platform has gathered said information, you will be able to view and utilise it all from a single dashboard.

Benefits of Single Customer View

There are a whole host of benefits that you can gain from aggregating and viewing customer data in one place.

Slicker working processes

People are always looking for ways to streamline their working processes, if this is you, then look no further than a CDP with Single Customer View features. Dependent on how you integrate your channels and sources, you can quickly and easily access real-time information on customers, whilst sharing data between departments. This can help to solve any pain points either you or your customers may be having.

With the information there in front of you, there is no need for chasing up colleagues, as you can view what actions they have taken with a customer, as well as the actions of the consumer.

This can speed up internal working processes, as those who have access to the CDP and therefore the Single Customer View feature can keep up to date with any queries a customer may have and how they have been dealt with so far.

Personalisation and Targeting

Having a SCV offers the opportunity to learn more about your customer base, from this you can analyse specific consumer behaviour, personalise your communications and target individual audience members through their preferred channel(s).

Having such detailed, in-depth data is beneficial in analysing individual behaviour and traits, enabling you to create focused audiences. Single Customer View is a fantastic feature to have when it comes to your omnichannel marketing strategy. SCV is there for the times where you need to get super specific, sending targeted communications at the right time, to the right customers on their preferred channel(s).

Improved Attribution

During the Buyer’s Journey  there are so many touch points that a customer may come across and in the world of digital marketing, paid advertising, social media and even traditional marketing methods, there are countless ways for a customer to make a purchase. Understandably, this makes comprehending what compels a customer to buy your product/service difficult, it can even be tricky to understand the steps they took to reach that conclusion.

This is where Single Customer View comes in, using the technology you can track your customers interactions, each step they take to engage with your brand. From there you can begin to build a journey, map out their steps and understand more about your marketing and advertising efforts.

There you have it, a few simple ways that having a Single Customer View can make your life a little easier. There are of course more benefits that you can discover for yourself in due course, but these three highlight the potential that a SCV can have on understanding your customer base and improving your working processes and marketing strategies.

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