1st July 2022

5 hacks to get a subscriber or customer interacting again

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You may have a huge database of customers for your business, and as a great as that sounds, what truly matters is the amount of engagement and interaction with your brand.

Ok, you have the brand.
You have the product or service.
And you have the data.

In this blog, I am going to discuss 5 hacks to get your customers interacting with your brand.

1. Interactive emails

There are many ways to make your emails more interactive, by inviting taps, swipes, clicks or simply to watch.
Like a website, why not add a menu to your emails to increase your clickthroughs and see what your customers are most interested in, this will allow you to analyse the behaviour of your customers and create content that will appeal to them in future comms.

2. Personalisation & segmentation

By personalising your emails using merge tags, its more likely that your subscribers will open your emails and read the content. Use a merge tag or tailor the content using custom rows to really appeal to the user and get them clicking through to your website.

3. Automated emails

By automating your emails based off the behaviour of your subscribers, you’re more likely to have them interacting with your brand again. For example, why not trigger a further email or a push notification when a subscriber opens an email, or send an email with an enquiry form to fill in when someone shows an interest in your brand ‘by visiting your website’.
This is an effective, time-saving way to interact with your subscribers.

With brand new trends appealing to the generations – Millennials, Gen Z, I’m sure there is another approaching, its crucial to keep our audiences engaged.

4. Read your reports

Most of your subscribers may mark you as spam or unsubscribe from your emails if your emails don’t render or fit with their needs. UX is so important!

Are your emails readable on a mobile device?

Mobiles have been around a while now and as silly as it sounds to still be talking about mobile optimisation, it’s essential to get this right! If you opened an email on your phone and it wasn’t readable, truthfully, what would you do? Delete!

Make sure to read your reports to get more insight into your customers devices, habits and more.

5. Polls, surveys, reviews

Asking more customers for feedback is not only great to improve your business but you can also send this as a transactional email after a purchase, meaning your customers don’t have to be opted in for marketing to receive this.

This is a great opportunity for your business to reach out to those who you want to subscribe to marketing emails or purchase from you again.

Why not try some of the above tactics and let us know if you see any improvement in your reports.

Want help to get your customers interacting again?

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