18th August 2021

5 Reasons you need to create a customer journey in your next campaign

Customers are the backbone to every organisation, and every company should treat them as such. It’s important to understand who your customer is and how they will reach your preferred destination, but not everyone will take the same pathway.

Here’s why customer journeys are the way forward for both customer acquisition and retention.

1. You’ll understand them like you know them personally

In a world of hyper-personalisation, it’s one thing sending recommendations based on past purchases or knowing your customers name, it’s another to understand them as individuals. Mapping out a journey based on different needs, timings and reactions will enable you to connect with your customers at different touch points, without assuming they’re all the same. Remember what they say about assuming…

2. You can guide them to the destination you want them to reach

Ultimately, there’s a method behind our madness. We all want the same thing, an end goal, a sale. Planning out a detailed customer journey will stop your customers dropping off the map and will help guide them to the destination you want them to end at. They put something in their basket but didn’t checkout? Let’s give them a nudge so they make their purchase. They’ve looked at the odds but not placed their bet? Here’s a reminder the match is about to start. The theory is simple, right?

3. You’ll improve their experience

There’s a fine line between connecting with your customers in a meaningful way and bombarding them with sales-centric communications that eventually become white noise. Set calculated timings and adapt messages that catch their attention at the right time and in the right way. If they have a positive experience, not only will this improve your marketing metrics today (because we all look at the numbers, let’s face it) but happy customers are more likely to contribute to your metrics tomorrow.

4. You’ll stand out from the crowd

Most companies rely on older marketing methods. They send an email and they read the metrics on how it performed, but they have no story, they’re not watching reactions and responses that will help them in the future. Real time, right time, responsive marketing is the goal that will take your business from having a stagnant list, to a nurtured and responsive customer base.

5. Keep them coming back

When their inbox isn’t flooded with meaningless communications, rather meaningful insights, the customer will recognise that you understand their needs as an individual. It shows that they’re being listened to and responded to in a productive way, and when a potential customer feels listened to and appreciated that’s when the magic happens.

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing?

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