6th June 2022

A day in the life of a CRM Executive at Intilery

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Here at Intilery, we’re now recruiting for a CRM Executive to join the team. It’s both an exciting role and an exciting time to be joining the team.

Intilery is going from strength to strength working with many established businesses from insurance through to e-commerce and everything in between, so in this blog I wanted to discuss what a day in the life of a CRM Executive looks like.

CRM is of course the heart of what we do at Intilery and the companies we work with see it as a huge tool to improving business comms with their customers. My personal motto is to Train, Help and Guide our clients (or potential clients) along their CRM journey and this is the main purpose of the CRM Executive role.

To TRAIN our clients

The onboarding process is crucial and the team at Intilery work together to bring our clients journey to life. We work with them to establish the customer touchpoints along the way, this could be anything from a website subscription, to an abandoned basket or a completed transaction through their website. I love the product so I work with the developers on potential touchpoints that the client may have missed.

Once the clients account is all set up and ready to go, it’s time to TRAIN!

The CRM Executive role allows us to train each of our clients, whether this be a junior or senior member of our client’s team, sometimes a new starter has joined and needs training on Intilery before they can get stuck in with their CRM strategy.

We create an appointment to suit our clients and complete training via a shared website screen on Zoom or Teams. This is a great opportunity to showcase the platform, answer any questions our clients have and put together some templates with them for future use.

I always follow up with an email with any points raised on the call and put in a follow up call should they want one.

To HELP our clients

Once we have trained our clients, we like to ‘keep in touch’ and also have ticketed support, our current clients LOVE that they can speak to the team. Many off-the-shelf CRM don’t offer a personable service and you may never get to speak to their team. As CRM Executive, any tickets that arrive that need support with building audiences, creating campaigns and assets or automation are put into my direction and it’s up to me to sort the query. This usually involves a quick call with the client to get a better understanding of their requirement or working with them to show them in more detail than the initial training session.

To GUIDE our clients

Working with Adam, our CMO, we brainstorm ideas for our clients, this could be a journey that they may not have created yet that will benefit their marketing strategy or working with Paul, our CTO on a new feature for the future. The CRM Executive will also sit in on high level marketing calls between our CMO and clients which is hugely insightful.

The role also includes creating content for Intilery’s social media and CRM strategy, so creativity is also key!

The CRM Executive role is different everyday so if you’re up for a new challenge and want to be a part of a thought-provoking, ambitious team then this could be the perfect role for you.

Are you ready to apply for our CRM Executive role?

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