26th November 2021

Has tech killed the business card?

With trade fairs and face to face meetings back up and running, I guess we’ll soon find out.

I’ve had one placed in the palm of my hand recently and my first reaction was ‘I don’t like where that has been’, so I took a photo of it and put it in the bin. Later I looked the guy up on LinkedIn and deleted the photo. All well and good in a one-off face to face meeting but last time Intilery attended a trade fair we collected dozens of business cards and we attend quite a few trade fairs.

I find remembering who people are and where I’ve met them to be quite a challenge, along with remembering to bring my own business cards and not running out or losing the one business card that turns out to be the one I want to recontact.

Unsurprisingly, tech is one step ahead of us with innovations like Contapp. Contapp is a business card scanner. Of course, they’re not the only one, but they do appear to have addressed of all of the issues I’ve identified and more.

Download their app and when someone hands you their business card scan it and bin it, or better still leave them holding it. You’ve then not only got all the details from that card but its geotagged, via an integration with Google Maps, where and when you met.

The digital version of the card is now in a user-friendly library with search and filter functions and is backed up on the cloud, so if you lose your phone, you don’t lose your contacts.

You can share your new contact with your colleagues, or upload to a growing number of CRM platforms (an integration with Intilery CRM may well be in the pipeline).

Last but not least, you can create you own digital business card and pass this on contactless by swiping to other Contapp and non-Contapp users. When was the last time you forgot to take or phone to a conference or run out of swipe?

For more information about Contapp, see there 4.9 rated iOS app, their 4.6 rated Android app or visit their website.

For more information about Intilery visit www.intilery.com.

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