23rd August 2021

iGO4 goes for a smarter approach by appointing Intilery as its CRM platform


Insurance industry innovator, iGO4 are today announcing the appointment of Intilery to provide systems for their customer relationship management.

It’s iGO4’s vision to become one of the largest personal lines’ insurance brokers in the UK.

Matt Munro, CEO of iGO4 says: ‘We’ve very ambitious growth targets and our plan for achieving them is to be increasingly intelligent in the way we operate. So it was important to partner with a powerful CRM platform that gives us the flexibility to be intelligent and innovative. Intilery has that power and the team behind it have insurance industry experience, which helps as they understand the nuances of our industry.’

Rob Crossland, Director and Chairman of Intilery says: ‘We’ve been impressed with the ambition iGO4 have demonstrated to take full advantage of the power and potential of the Intilery platform especially the marketing automation customer journey side of the product. We look forward to helping iGO4 realise their ambitions and increasingly innovative approach exploiting Intilery’s advanced single customer view and the ability to communicate with customers in real-time.’ 

iGO4 was founded in Peterborough in 2007 and operates as both a B2C brand and a B2B service and technology solution for other brands in Car Insurance, Van Insurance, Home Insurance and Telematics .

Intilery was founded in 2012 by Former Moneysupermarket Developers and Marketeers. As a Customer Data Platform, Single Customer View and Marketing Automation service all in one, it is widely acknowledged as an industry leader in several areas attracting clients such as The Range, Vanarama, Yimba and now IGO4.

The smarter approach to Insurance!

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Intilery: adam.davidson@intilery.com  – 01829 782 597

IGO4: Press.Office@igo4.com

About iGO4

iGO4 is a B2C and B2B insurance broker, brand, service and tech provider in the Private Car, Household, Commercial Vehicle and Telematics markets. In 2011 it launched its own contact centre and back office facilities and helped Zenith Insurance launch their direct private car and van products. In 2012 they helped Hastings Direct launch their Smartmiles telematic safe driving product while simultaneously launching their own WiseDrive product. Learn more at igo4.com.

About Intilery

Intilery is a CRM, Single Customer View and CDP, built and managed by former Moneysupermarket employees in Chester. Its mission is to enable businesses, large and small, to connect with their customers in a more meaningful and ethical way. Learn more at intilery.com.

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