Intilery Shortlisted for Retail Systems Award 2019

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This week at Intilery head office, we were excited to receive notification that we have been shortlisted for ‘Analytics Provider of the Year’ with Retail Systems Awards 2019. It is great to be recognised for complex work Initlery does within the retail industry. The industry is constantly evolving, consumers now do not simply go along to the high street and source out a product, try and purchase in one outing, unless of course it is an emergency or impulse purchase. Millennial’s especially, we are seeing more and more see products through social media channels, celebrity blogs and instagram, usually through a mobile channel on the go.

Customers may then look to revisit the item through online shop on a tablet, desktop or click and collect and go onto collect from a local collection point. All of these cross points and multi channels the consumer is browsing through means a customer journey is no longer going from point A to point B but is a spider diagram of customer journey’s and by comparing that data through Initlery, you are able to explore insights in customer journeys and identify, target and engage with individual customers with their needs in mind. How does Intilery do this? For you as the retailer, it’s simple really, the Intilery platform provides you with the tools to do this.

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The Intilery platform captures customer behaviour, analyses that behaviour and makes decisions in real-time. The Intilery platform responds to customers over the customers preferred channel to maximise customer engagement to help drive conversion and retention. The omni-channel Single Customer View and Data Planning System enables clients to build customer centric journey plans that result in increased revenues.

The ability to define, identify, target and engage with individual customers with their needs in mind, by managing the online/in-store experience and provide immediate personalised messaging to the customers preferred channel, is the ultimate goal of a retailer.

Intilery has implemented a real-time AI led Customer Data Platform, Decision Engine and Omni-Channel Messaging Hub, to deliver real-time relevant personalised messages to customers based on their behaviour, previous interaction and also on their future needs utilising Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Whether this be if a customer looks at products, places them in a shopping cart and then does not check out, Initlery can send a timely reminder to check out, or offer alternative products using insights.

For more information and to arrange a demo of the platform shortlisted for the award email or request a demo below.