20th September 2021

Litmus integrates with Intilery to streamline email testing and optimisation


Today, leading customer data platform Intilery announces the integration of their solution with Litmus, a leader in email marketing testing, optimisation, collaboration, and insights.

“Marketers must test emails before every send to create the best customer experience possible,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus “Litmus Email Previews integrated with Intilery’s CRM platform, empower marketers to easily and quickly preview emails as they build, creating more engaging email experiences with customers while maximizing efficiency and ROI.”

Litmus Email Previews integrated with Intilery’s solution saves marketers time, promoting more efficient collaboration and streamlining email production workflow. The ability to preview emails over 100 email clients and devices lets Intilery customers catch and fix errors early, reducing review cycles and empowering them to send higher-quality emails.

“We’re very proud of the integration with Litmus. Marketers can now subscribe through Intilery or connect their existing Basic, Plus or Enterprise Litmus plans within Intilery to expand their testing volume, ensuring that every email that goes out the door results in the best possible customer experience,” says Rob Crossland, Director and Chairman of Intilery. “Marrying the Litmus solution with Intilery’s marketing automation customer journeys, advanced single customer view and ability to communicate with customers in real-time puts enormous power and potential into marketers’ hands.”



Intilery: adam.davidson@intilery.com  – 01829 782 597

Litmus:   BLASTmedia for Litmus, litmus@blastmedia.com

About Litmus

Litmus provides the leading email optimization and collaboration solution for marketers. From Pre-Send campaign development and testing to Post-Send insights for future content optimization, Litmus improves marketing performance and strategy, delivering increased subscriber engagement. With offices in Boston, San Mateo and London and backed by Spectrum Equity, Litmus is used by major global brands across every industry, including 80% of the Fortune 100, the top 10 retailers, 9 of the top 10 ecommerce brands and U.S.banks, and 23 of the top 25 U.S. advertising agencies. Learn more about Litmus at litmus.com.

About Intilery

Intilery is a CRM, Single Customer View and CDP, built and managed by former Moneysupermarket employees in Chester. Its mission is to enable businesses, large and small, to connect with their customers in a more meaningful and ethical way. Learn more at intilery.com.

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