21st June 2021

Meet the Team – Abbey Roberts

Welcome to our Meet the Team Feature!

Every few weeks we’ll introduce you to one of the hardworking team members here at Intilery. We hope you feel that you can get to know us as a company and a team, but also as the individuals who work behind the scenes.

Next, we’d like to introduce you to…

Abbey Roberts
CRM Executive

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role within Intilery?

As CRM Executive, I am responsible for planning and implementing integrated campaigns across a number of digital platforms and mapping communications based on our customers’ online activity. The Intilery platform allows me to understand our customers’ needs and preferences to ensure that communications are targeted, timely and relevant. 

What’s something exciting that you’ve been working on at the moment?

We’ve recently launched our new blog newsletter which has been exciting to design and build. It’s been a complete change of pace for me and it’s great to be able to get some of our brilliant blog content out to our email contacts.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

Since lockdown, I’ve really got into walking/hiking – living in North Wales means that I’ve got so many beautiful places right on my doorstep. I am also a huge foodie so going out with friends for food and socialising is how I like to spend a lot of my time, although I haven’t been able to do this much over the last year or so with restrictions, but on the plus side, it’s meant that I’ve found a new love for cooking! I also love to travel (something else that has been on hold during the pandemic) – I was lucky enough to do a ‘gap year’ after finishing university and visited some amazing countries! My favourite country that I visited was Vietnam, so I’m planning a trip there next year (if I’m able!).

Quick Fire Round:

Favourite Film? – Love Actually or Notting Hill- Basically anything with Hugh Grant in it.
Favourite Book? – The Great Gatsby by Scott F.Fitzgerald. I’ve read this book so many times but it never gets old.
Favourite Band/Musician? – I don’t really have a favourite band or musician but I’m really enjoying listening to Dermot Kennedy at the moment.
Favourite Animal? – Lion – a safari is on my bucket list.
Signature Dish? – Roasted Veggie Lasagne.

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