7th April 2022

Meet the Team – Andrew Booth

Welcome to our Meet the Team Feature!

Every few weeks we’ll introduce you to one of the hardworking team members here at Intilery. We hope you feel that you can get to know us as a company and a team, but also as the individuals who work behind the scenes.

Next, we’d like to introduce you to…

Andrew Booth
Non-Executive Director Intilery

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role within Intilery?

Married with 2 children, advisor to a number of hypergrowth business growing through customer change around data and technology affecting their marketing & customer relationships. These range from Rolls-Royce, JCB, Sosandar Plc through to equity backed ventures such as Intilery.

What’s something exciting that you’re working on at the moment?

The power of the platform in giving Intilery customers both the opportunities for consumer & commercial growth, as well as managing compliance and risk in their end customer touchpoints.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

Walking and hiking and more recently, the Peloton.

Quick Fire Round:

Favourite Film? MASH
Favourite Book? 39 steps
Favourite Band/Musician? Too hard to call- I follow Defected Records for the quality and breadth
Favourite Animal? The family dog
Signature Dish: Spaghetti alle vongole

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