9th June 2022

My 3 favourite email editor features

Do you want to create impact with your customers through a clever communication strategy? Push notifications, SMS or email…did I mention that Intilery ticks all these boxes?

With a thought-through strategy using quality content, timely sends and automation, your email strategy could be a winner!

In 2022 alone, 333.2 billion emails are expected to be sent and received each day (Statista, 2021) and not only that, it is expected to increase to over 375 billion by 2025.

So it’s time to step up your email marketing game and be ahead of the curve.

In this blog, I am going to discuss 3 of my favourite email editor features within Intilery.

Row conditions

We’ve all received an email in the past that just didn’t correlate with anything we’ve done, own or bought. For example, you have a pet dog but the pet shop you buy your dog food from keeps sending you vouchers for cat litter, it’s every marketeer’s nightmare.

With the clever row conditions feature within Intilery, you can create a selection of text and image blocks within an email that are served and targeted differently depending on the audience. You can create audiences based from a particular characteristic, hobby or previous purchase and use this row condition to tailor your email design to them.

Sticking with the pet theme, you may use an image of a cute Cavapoo to appeal to dog owners or a Papillon rabbit to appeal to those bunny lovers!

This is one of my favourite features as we all know that good marketing isn’t just sending out a blanket email, we want to really appeal to and attract our customer base with clever targeted campaigns.

Once the clients account is all set up and ready to go, it’s time to TRAIN!


Okay, it may seem a little basic but for an analytical marketeer, buttons are your best friend! As well as being aesthetically pleasing to break up the body of an email, buttons are a great way to find out whether your content has drawn your customers in enough to ‘click’.

I love to create an email with a small blurb or teaser and see how many people click through to read the full article or click to add a product to their basket – it’s a great way of figuring out whether you’ve created engaging content and targeted the right audience. It’s all in Intilery’s reporting.


With brand new trends appealing to the generations – Millennials, Gen Z, I’m sure there is another approaching, its crucial to keep our audiences engaged.

I like to benchmark email marketing content to other digital trends. Look at the likes of TikTok and Instagram reels, these visually appealing loops and video are attention grabbing, thought-provoking and help to keep our audiences reopening our emails.

You can simply embed a video using a link from YouTube or Vimeo drag and dropped on the Intilery platform.

By displaying your video content, you’re showing your audience that you’re keeping up with the latest trends and you can also encourage new subscribers to your YouTube page. Perfect for those businesses who want to create more brand personality.

They are my top 3, what are yours?

Want to know more about how Intilery can help you with your marketing strategy?

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