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30th March 2021

New Features


We’ve introduced a couple of new features over the last few weeks that we’d love to let you know about. 

Book an Account Tour

Once you sign up, you now have the option to book an account tour with our CEO and Founder Gareth James. In this 45 minute tour, we will show you how to get started and what the main features of the platform are. 

Walk through tutorial 

Once set up with your account, we now offer an in-app tutorial to help guide you through the basics. Using simple to follow, step-by-step instructions combined with videos, we hope this will enable to get started with creating your own campaigns and journeys. 

The tutorials include: 

  • Import Your Customers
  • Create an Audience 
  • Create an Email
  • Schedule a Campaign
  • View Campaign Results 
  • Create a Journey