27th April 2021

Take the stress out of marketing with Intilery

We may make it look easy, but any marketeer will know that marketing can be a stressful job.

There is a great deal to consider, such as staying up to date and on top of new trends, producing content, planning campaigns, monitoring several channels, regular research, all whilst sticking to and managing a budget.

One way to combat this stress, is to invest in a powerful CRM platform that can aid you in streamlining your working processes.

Check out our piece ‘What is CRM?’ to discover the importance of having a CRM system.

The Intilery platform provides numerous features that can aid in developing a more efficient working procedure, whilst gathering data that can be used to create well informed marketing campaigns.

Intilery Features

Customer Data Platform

First and foremost, Intilery is a customer data platform, this means you can securely store your customer data. Storing such data enables you to track consumer activity and with real-time technology, you can stay updated on your customers engagement with your brand.

Single Customer View

Taking it a step further, Intilery’s Single Customer View feature offers the opportunity to get to know your audience on individual level. From one dashboard, you can learn a large amount about your customers level of engagement, purchase habits/history and general behavioural patterns. Essentially you can build a complete profile on each individual customer.

Marketing Automation

Automating your email and SMS campaigns can have a huge effect on streamlining your working process. With our email and SMS builder, you can build your communication assets and tailor them to your audience with ease.

Customer Journey Manager

Following on from this, the Customer Journey Manager enables you to input your email and SMS assets into a Customer Journey. This feature allows you to really step up your element of personalisation.

Read more about Customer Journeys.

Benefits of Intilery

All these features come with benefits for you and your business.

As Intilery is a Customer Data Platform, being able to organise customer information is a key step towards working efficiently. Combine this with the Single Customer View and real-time technology, suddenly you can gleam a lot of information about your customers on both an individual and whole basis.

Organised Customer Data

These features combined can give you an edge over your competitors, especially when it comes to organised and up-to-date customer data. Having the ability to build in depth profiles on your customers is crucial in learning more about your audience. Being able to view this data in a clear to read, organised manner can have a positive impact on your day-to-day role. This therefore can help to eliminate some of the stress behind inputting and tracking customer data, as well as gathering information that will inform your campaigns.

Monitoring Channels

Following on nicely is the idea that you can use these features to collect data but most importantly monitor different channels, such as your email campaigns, website visits and customer interactions. Having the opportunity to track this information in one place will help to cut back on the number of tools you are using.

Plan Reactive Campaigns

Data collected in real-time can help you to create well informed, reactive marketing campaigns that meet the needs of your customers. This could be as simple as creating blog content that addresses a pain point that several consumers seem to be experiencing or could go as far as designing very specific customer journeys.

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Similarly, if you combine the marketing automation element of the Intilery platform with the Customer Journey Manager, you can start to create personalised campaigns that can be automated to be sent to different groups of customers, at different times based on their behaviour and their wants/needs.

Automate Multiple Campaigns

Once you’ve collated the data and planned your campaigns, you can automate several campaigns to be sent out at any time. Being able to schedule campaigns and journeys in advance allows you to get ahead and manage your workload with ease. Sometimes it can be tricky to create multiple campaigns and then keep track of when you are sending out each email/SMS alert. With the marketing automation features, this is no longer a problem.

Increased Customer Retention & Revenue

Marketing is as much about bringing in leads, as it is about retaining them. Delivering personalised content at the right time can be crucial in increasing retention rates and this is something that can be achieved using the email/SMS builders and the Customer Journey Manager, along with other features such as the Single Customer View. With improved customer retention an increase in sales is likely to follow.

Stress free marketing

When combining all features and elements of the Intilery platform, it’s evident that there are numerous benefits to implementing a powerful CRM system, however, it’s these benefits that highlight one overall bonus to investing in Intilery and that’s that it can really help to create and efficient and easy working process for you and your team.

As mentioned, different elements result in differing results, all which can be viewed as a positive to your business, but the most crucial thing is that Intilery enables you to keep your marketing procedures in one place. From storing customer data and monitoring consumer activity to creating slick campaigns, you can achieve it all on one platform. Marketing can be a difficult job role, with so much to monitor, manage and produce, it can be overwhelming. Intilery can help with that, offering you a one stop shop for businesses and marketeers. 

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing?

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